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rid of segregation

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156) Holding nonsegregated workshops, CEO members decided, was desirable, though not mandatory.
Unhygienic disposal of nonsegregated BMW in Puducherry poses a serious health hazard to the population and to scavengers.
Still, it was the Market's political work--and its dogged dedication to a nonsegregated, multiracial and multicultural theatre--that captured the attention of South Africa and the world.
Rather, "[t]he phrase 'open to all' is a unitary phrase embodying a requirement of nonsegregated schools.
An external evaluator hired by Seabrook found that 62% of patients who have completed the program are clean and sober after a year, which Wolf reports is an improvement over previously nonsegregated efforts.
The Association further believes that individuals, at their expense, should be free to choose, to supplement, or to substitute education in privately supported, nonsegregated, nonpublic schools.
The Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth Circuits use the following test: "In a case where the segregated facility is considered superior, the court should determine whether the services which make that placement superior could be feasibly provided in a nonsegregated setting.
Almost two decades later, President Theodore Roosevelt negotiated a "gentlemen's agreement" with Japan to suspend immigration from that country in return for nonsegregated education for Japanese children in California.
He rejected those who counseled a slow movement toward realizing "a nonsegregated church.
Successful court suits would establish a record and a momentum in favor of nonsegregated equality by forcing Southern states either to admit blacks to white institutions or maintain a prohibitively expensive dual educational system.
Agency Rule: Nonsegregated or Segregated Multiple Use?
Hence in A Red Death Easy recalls his voluntary combat duty with General Patton's forces at a time when blacks in nonsegregated units were officially restricted to noncombatant status.
to supply means to supervise transition of the country from segregated to nonsegregated schools upon the basis that Congress may or probably will refuse to act.