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Synonyms for nonsegmental

having a body that is not divided into segments

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Among vitiligo subtypes, itch was most commonly presented in focal vitiligo (29.4%), followed by segmental vitiligo (20.3%) and nonsegmental vitiligo (19.6%), respectively.
"Many dermatologists are not aware of the diagnosis MAL and may easily diagnose and treat these patients as having nonsegmental vitiligo."
Orecchia, "Higher plasma catecholamine and metabolite levels in the early phase of nonsegmental vitiligo," Pigment Cell Research, vol.
Lee, "Promoter polymorphisms of the HLA-G gene, but not the HLA-E and HLA-F genes, is associated with nonsegmental vitiiigo patients in the Korean population," Archives of Dermatological Research, vol.
(1991) "A nonsegmental approach to the teaching of pronunciation".
The efficacy of pimecrolimus 1% cream combined with microdermabrasion in the treatment of nonsegmental childhood vitiligo: a randomized placebo-controlled study.
however, sipunculans show a different, nonsegmental formation mode that cannot be explained by the existence of a posterior growth zone.
Similarly, the phonological level, which is as yet not well developed within FG, responds to the need for a separate level of patterning at which the segmental and nonsegmental aspects of the sound systems of language can be described.
The low probability category includes nonsegmental perfusion defects such as cardiomegaly, an enlarged aorta, enlarged hila and elevated diaphragm.
Phonological acquisition encompasses not only acquiring segmental features of a language (i.e., consonants and vowels) but also learning nonsegmental aspects (i.e., stress, pitch, and intonation).
Diagnostics included a perfusion lung scan revealing patchy nonsegmental defects.
Correlation of serum thyroid hormones autoantibodies with self-reported exposure to thyroid disruptors in a group of nonsegmental vitiligo patients.
On the basis of classification no significance association was found for segmental and nonsegmental vitiligo patients and controls for VDR polymorphisms however for unclassified/undetermined patients TT genotype for rs731236 was again significantly high in controls.
Acquired vitiligo has an unpredictable clinical course with subtypes that include nonsegmental, segmental, or mixed vitiligo.
Vitiligo, especially nonsegmental type, has been associated with other autoimmune disorders.