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not restricted to one sect or school or party



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See Noah FELDMAN, DIVIDED BY GOD: AMERICA'S CHURCH-STATE PROBLEM--and What We Should Do About It 85 (2005) ("Catholic objections that nonsectarianism did not include them were met with little more than the naked insistence that it did.
The Twenty-five Great Sites of Khams: Religious Geography, Revelation, and Nonsectarianism in Nineteeth-Century Eastern Tibet.
All participants will share the core values of support for the maintenance of the Union between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, commitment to exclusively peaceful and democratic means, nonsectarianism, commitment to a shared future and commitment to the successful operation of devolution in Northern Ireland.
Her contrast between O'Connell as demiurge of Catholic nationalism and Young Ireland nonsectarianism elides theory and practice.
Feldman's story of the rise of and stalemate between values evangelicals and legal secularists is also the story of the working-out in American history of three thematic principles: the freedom of conscience, nonsectarianism, and unity.
14) This controversial idea prompted a barrage of mud slinging in the press, with the churches crying foul to Caesar's meddling with impressionable young minds and souls, and the agriculturists--including Turner--countering that nonsectarianism should prevail.
The inclusion of Judaism seems merely polite, but perfunctory references to the Judeo-Christian tradition still pass for nonsectarianism in much of the country.