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Synonyms for nonsectarian

not restricted to one sect or school or party



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But Mann did not see his system of nonsectarian education as being secular.
5) Results are presented separately for teachers in Catholic, other religious, and nonsectarian private schools.
Richmond was the first among Southern Baptist universities to begin the process of movement toward nonsectarian status.
The international drive by the humanitarian, nonsectarian organization will be launched with a grant from Johnson & Johnson to fund the first year of a three-year initiative aimed at protecting six million at-risk people.
We must give low-income and working-class parents the power to choose schools--public or private, nonsectarian or religious--where their children will succeed, And we must give all schools the incentives to work to meet children's needs.
April's The Examined Life ("I promise to do my best" by Meinrad Scherer-Emunds) makes one very important point, and that is that the Boy Scouts have always and must always remain nonsectarian.
They felt I could present a nonsectarian position for them," he says.
Jane Weingarten, director of communications for Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly, a provider of nonsectarian housing for low-income elderly
In Ulster and Dutchess counties in New York, two nonsectarian hospitals have announced plans to merge with a third, the Catholic-run Benedictine Hospital.
The centre tries to be nonsectarian, says Tshawane.
The letter also noted that "even nonsectarian prayers raise important concerns" because "prayers in the Judeo-Christian tradition tend to exclude and alienate" many people, including minority faiths and nonbelievers.
The Calais School is a private not-for-profit nonsectarian school that provides programs for special needs students in grades K-12.
His eager embrace of democracy reflects his desire to acquire the power necessary to create an Iranian-style despotism in what had been a nonsectarian country prior to the U.