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a tumor of the bone marrow (usually malignant) composed of cells normally found in bone marrow

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Nephelometric measurement of serum free light chains in nonsecretory myeloma.
3) found that all five patients with nonsecretory myeloma had abnormal FLC concentrations.
However, current data are sufficiently compelling that FLC assays are used routinely in many centers worldwide for diagnosis and monitoring of AL amyloidosis, nonsecretory myeloma, and Bence Jones myeloma.
Currently there is no satisfactory method to diagnose and monitor patients with light-chain myeloma, nonsecretory myeloma (NSM), (3) or primary (AL) amyloidosis.
The Freelite assay is a sensitive automated immunoassay for [kappa] and [lambda] FLCs in serum (3) and has been useful for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with nonsecretory myeloma (4).