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not ruminant


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Phosphorus is an essential nutrient, but phytate cannot be digested by humans and nonruminant animals, such as pigs and chickens.
In the horse, rabbit, and other nonruminant herbivores, the cecum plays a significant role in the digestion of fiber in feed.
Fourth, the rule will require equipment, facilities, or production lines to be dedicated to nonruminant animal feeds if they use protein that is prohibited in ruminant feed.
brain, spinal cord, and small intestine) considered to be at high risk for the transmission of the BSE agent were removed from the cow during slaughter and sent for inedible rendering (often used for nonruminant animal feed).
coli 0157 Outbreaks in Scotland; Pathogenic Aspects of VTEC Infections in Ruminants; Pathogenic Aspects of VTEC Infection in Nonruminant Animals; Pathogenic Aspects of STEC Infections in Humans; Healthy Animals as Carriers of STEC; Survival and Growth of VTEC in the Environment; Survival and Growth of Verocytotoxigenic E.
From an evolutionary perspective, the Artiodactyla originated as a large-bodied (cow size) nonruminant that looked like a giant pig.
For New Zealand, livestock output expansion is projected to increase by 21% and 37% for beef cattle and milk, and around 15% for nonruminant livestock.
The figure would be at least 80% for nonruminant livestock such as pigs, according to the draft.
It is caused by Listeria monocytogenes, also infective for nonruminant mammals (including people) and chickens.
Diplodia rot afflicts stalks and ears and leaves behind a white mold, while gibberella "is toxic to man and other nonruminant animals," according to the USDA.
A nutritional explanation for body size patterns of ruminant and nonruminant herbivores.
Research scholars [16,17] have suggested that supplementation of poultry diets with exogenous enzymes may be an optional and effective strategy in utilizing the nutrients in soybean for nonruminant animals.
The high nutritional value of rhizoma peanut makes it an excellent feed for both ruminant and nonruminant animals.
From the abomasum on, digestion in the ruminant is similar to digestion in the nonruminant animal.