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designating an airship having a shape maintained only by internal gas pressure and without a supporting structure


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The learnt dictionary should have discriminative capability and can adapt to learn appearance variations like partial occlusions, nonrigid deformation, illumination variations, and so on.
Polini, "Measurement of nonrigid freeform surfaces by coordinate measuring machine," The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, vol.
This step is usually carried out using either rigid or nonrigid transformation based on automatically detected corresponding points of the body.
The MeanShift has many applications, such as clustering, discontinuity preserving smoothing, object contour detection, image segmentation, and nonrigid object tracking [15, 18].
The "rigidity of the self' produced by investments in already sedimented external ideal standards and hegemonic ego-ideals, in XXY, is not, by necessity, narcissistic but socially bestowed by the institution of the family: it is represented by the either/or of the socially imposed "femaleness" or the father-desired "maleness," whereas Alex's and the other teenagers" desires open up new possibilities of nonrigid narcissistic investments--Munoz's (90) "changing and unfixed" ego-ideals as "wish-landscapes" of potentiality--for the queer bodies and the queer selves.
Transitive and symmetric nonrigid image registration.
Science is flexible and nonrigid. It is skeptical of all ideas that hold that anything is absolutely, unconditionally, or certainly true--that is, true under all conditions for all time.
Fully automated targeting using nonrigid image registration matches accuracy and exceeds precision of best manual approaches to subthalamic deep brain stimulation targeting in Parkinson disease.
Kaizer, "Calculation of the sound radiation of a nonrigid loudspeaker diaphragm using the finite-element method," Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, vol.
The SPECT/CT images as well as the obtained CRM are mapped to SPM template by the nonrigid registration algorithm provided by SPM 8.0 software package and then aligned with the atlas of brain lobes.
A multitude of treatment options has been proposed for the management of unilateral angle fractures ranging from nonrigid to rigid fixation ranging from large bone plates and compression plates at the lower border to miniplates positioned at the inferior or superior borders and lag screws.
Merker, "Nonrigid spherical real analytic hypersurfaces in [C.sup.2]," Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, vol.
It is difficult to detect the pupil center because the eye is a nonrigid object, users blink frequently, and eyelid or eyelashes can occlude the pupil.
Recent efforts have focused on achieving a stable but nonrigid fixation to preserve normal arthrokinetics of the joint.