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deliberately not rhythmic

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Tics are involuntary or semivoluntary movements or sounds that are sudden, brief, intermittent, repetitive, nonrhythmic, unpredictable, and purposeless.
1) The five areas of temporal identity development examined in the overall study were: 1) temporal structures, or awareness of time-related rhythmic events; 2) timekeepers, or methods used to mark and measure time; 3) emotional bonds, or emotional responses and affiliations to time; 4) temporal language, or expressions showing awareness that time is related to objects, activities, people; and 5) nonrhythmic cues, or contextual factors affecting temporal identity development (Hardin, 2001).
The APA defines a tic as "a sudden, rapid, recurrent, nonrhythmic, stereotyped motor movement or vocalization.
The transcription wobbles between a rhythmic and nonrhythmic style, for no apparent reason.
His argument, however, that a nonrhythmic interpretation of Beowulf is excluded by the apparent implausibility of its metre possessing two audible levels of metrical dip, a light one and a heavy one, is severely damaged by his failure to refer to Kaluza's law, by which resolution is forbidden in verses which would lack the necessary minimum of four positions if it were to be permitted.
One of the cues used to recognize courtship behavior was rhythmic repetition (see Materials and Methods); thus, nonrhythmic courtship movements would have gone uncounted (e.
We did not analyze the AP pattern of each specimen in detail, but the general picture is that of a nonrhythmic, very variable and individual behavior.