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that may not be returned


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The GM Syracuse plant ships an average total of 330,000 lbs/day of molded products in 1800 returnable containers, 700 nonreturnable cartons, 17 railcars, and 39 trucks.
Titles distributed to clients are nonreturnable. A notable example is the Greenaway Plan.
"Retailers should create a model to manage products that have high risk, that may be in short supply, that have short shelf life and that may be nonreturnable," she recommended.
So, feeling smug with my "insider" construction knowledge, I went to the lumberyard and special-ordered a $400 casement window (nonreturnable without a hefty restocking charge).
This helped offset a five per cent fall in German beer consumption, due to a new deposit tax on nonreturnable packaging.
For example we can stop accepting nonreturnable items and a reduction of just 15pc would yield pounds 1.2m in itself.
Photos are nonreturnable and all entries should arrive by Friday August 13.
Typically reeled components, custom fabricated components with minimum-run quantities and any material classified non-cancelable, nonreturnable (NCNR) are the categories with the most potential for excess material.
For instance, the ordinary usage of "inconsistent regulation" would permit a court to apply the CTS holding to a Minnesota law forbidding the sale of milk in plastic, nonreturnable containers although North Dakota permits the sale of milk in plastic jugs.
Look for flaws, and shop carefully: purchases are often nonreturnable. The Esprit outlet, more like an immense, manic, high-tech juniors' boutique, is the exception to these caveats.
Moving forward, the group also plans to build a new glass plant to produce one-way or nonreturnable bottles for Smirnoff Mule.
Those who audition should bring a recent (nonreturnable) picture of yourself and proper photo identification.
Contract awarded for 77091310-paint ready mix red oxide (isc:446) brushing finishing, glossy for general purpose to rdso spcification no.m&c/pcn/122- 2006 (revision ~o~ ) packed in new steel drums plain (nonreturnable) 20 ltrs cap
The pallets are nonreturnable but can be reused and recycled.
Local committees of book writers have hammered out a set of basic demands, summed up in the "Fair Pay and Fair Treatment"; specifics include nonreturnable advances, prompter payment of royalties and money for subsidiary rights, more informative royalty statements and compulsory arbitration of contract disputes (few authors can afford to take a publisher to court).