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Synonyms for nonretractable

not capable of being retracted

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Although the majority of children have a retractable foreskin by 3 years of age, persistence of a nonretractable foreskin, either from a phimotic ring or persistent preputial adhesions, does not necessitate circumcision in the majority of cases.
The two most common styles are "pillar mounts," which slide in and out of the top of door pillars, and "fixed masts," nonretractable ones that are mounted on fenders.
To save weight, the helicopter had a fixed, nonretractable undercarriage and shorter wings with four weapons stations (with a total capacity of 16 Shturm-V antitank missiles), and composite main-rotor blades.
A nonretractable foreskin should not be used as pretext for lopping off an innocent and useful appendage.
Each aircraft has to weigh at least 500 pounds, have 66 square feet of wing surface and sport fixed - nonretractable - landing gear.