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not having resin

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The radula from the single specimen of Paralepetopsis tunnicliffae was mounted for SEM; radulae of the two other new species were whole-mounted in stain-suffused, nonresinous mounting medium.
Keep in mind that for all the materials, use only plastic, rubber, glass, nonresinous wood (such as oak or ash), and stainless steel materials.
The firm also has a line of color concentrates for coloring olefins at low letdown ratios (200:1); a series of organic pigment dispersions, loaded to 60%, that are encapsulated in a nonresinous "universal" carrier; and a line of encapsulated pigment dispersions for PET that require no predrying.
Low-growing, nonresinous kinds such as sageleaf rockrose are also somewhat slow to burn, a bonus where wildfires are common.
The closest nonresinous species for comparison is inland white fir (Abies concolor), which was measured at 0.