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Antonyms for nonresident

someone who does not live in a particular place

not living in a particular place or owned by permanent residents


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If the nonresident of the Republic of Uzbekistan entrusts such legal entity with representative mandate, except for the functions of preparatory or auxiliary character according to point 1 of the present part, such legal entity besides being an independent taxpayer, is at the same time considered as permanent establishment of the non-resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Services, provided to a nonresident, of acting as an agent or arranging for, procuring, or soliciting orders for the nonresident may also be zero-rated, provided certain conditions are met.
income tax on a worldwide basis, nonresident aliens are subject to U.
California law imposes a tax on the income of a nonresident taxpayer that is derived from or attributable to sources within this state.
It is popular with a solid share of households in the state, and popular with nonresident tourists.
This past season I failed to pull any nonresident tags and couldn't even score a resident antelope tag in my home state.
Compared with other Alaska business sectors, the number of nonresident workers is not unusual.
My guess is that in the East, Maine gets more nonresident bear hunters than any other state.
In November 2008, net selling by nonresident investors totaled 1.
Recommendation: The Commissioner of Internal Revenue should determine if creating an automated program to identify nonresident aliens who may have improperly filed Form 1040 instead of Form 1040NR by using ITIN information would be a cost-effective means to improve compliance.
More research is needed to understand better the nature of nonresident father support in the lives of foster children, and the quantity and quality of interactions between mothers, non-resident fathers and their children.
Lebanon ranked second after the UAE among the region's resident and nonresident Arab executives, but came last among expatriates residing in the region and nonresident expatriates in terms of favorite relocation destination.
The Nonresident Keralites Bill seeks to cater to the welfare of non-resident Keralites by providing for pension and other benefits".
Details listed include the nonresident parent's name, type of offence committed, the sentence or fine they received, the court the case took place in, the date of the court hearing.
The board voted to cap the number of nonresident season passes at 400, which is fewer than half the number issued last summer.