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1,16] These findings, which demonstrate the lack of efficiency of exfoliative cytology, may be explained by nonrepresentative sampling and/or individual subjectivity, [12,15] since this was a retrospective study in which the cytological tests were not performed by the same examiner.
Frozen section Permanent section n Low-grade glioma Central neurocytoma 1 Malignant neoplasm Microcystic meningioma 1 (grade I) Ependymoma Medulloblastoma 1 Ependymoma Choroid plexus 1 papilloma Low-grade glioma Anaplastic astrocytoma 3 (grade III) Small round blue cell Glioblastoma 1 tumor Total 8 Table 5: Cases where the frozen section reports were nonrepresentative and a final diagnosis was deferred to the permanent section.
The circuit court was specifically concerned with the appraisal methods of the nonrepresentative parcels, because the owners had not been provided any information to determine the adequacy of the value assigned to their parcels.
The diagnostic failure of the FNAC procedure in some cases can be attributed to unsatisfactory and nonrepresentative aspirates, especially in smaller lesions and in tumours with low cellularity like scirrhous carcinoma.
It should be noted our study sample was composed of individuals who were predominantly low in SDO and who were particularly homogenous in their responses, which suggests the collection of a potentially nonrepresentative community sample.
He also warns against the use of anecdotes and of nonrepresentative case studies.
Most of the studies utilized smaller, nonrepresentative samples including mostly male participants in earlier stages of illness (Hoehn and Yahr stages 2-3) and did not include younger or advanced-aged persons with PD.
Thus, sibling samples are difficult to access, resulting in small nonrepresentative samples.
He held nonrepresentative status of FATA responsible for the situation FATA is going through.
The studies conducted by Adis-Castro and his group between 1968 (5) and 1984 (6), although flawed by different diagnostic categories and nonrepresentative population samples, showed a prevalence of alcoholism of 10%-14%; psychotic symptoms, 1%-3%; depressive personality, 5%-7%; and anxiety, 16%-26%.
To answer these questions we need to recall Descartes's distinction between the representative and nonrepresentative functions of ideas.
According to Media Commission Report (May 2013) Advertisers virtually dictate prime time content preferences by using a narrow relatively nonrepresentative heavily urban and consumption oriented rating system to pressurize channels into cut throat competition and to a lowering of standards of content.
4[degrees]C at the start of the ride (0709 LST) reflects the indoor temperature where the Kestrel was stored overnight, but this nonrepresentative temperature quickly adjusted to the ambient outdoor environment upon the start of the bike ride and adequate ventilation of the Kestrel.
Nonrepresentative information or judgment-irrelevant information often influences schematic processing and produces biased conclusions, even though schemata are inherent in human cognition (Hastie, 1981; Taylor & Crocker, 1981; Steele, Branson, & Sung, 2011).
The advantage to creating them from scratch is that it's highly unlikely that they'll be nonrepresentative of your constituents.