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of or relating to a style of art in which objects do not resemble those known in physical nature

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Some challenges I have faced in working with nonrepresentational and diffractive approaches to knowledge making include finding ways to speak authoritatively in policy settings and to allow representational spaces for stories of vulnerability and abuse (see Doucet 2018a).
In the case of character experience, this is the task of the author; and as we have seen, it can be done through nonrepresentational expressive devices, whose range remains to be explored; but in the case of reader's experience, this is the task of the analyst, and because of the conventions of scholarly discourse it cannot be done by "poetic" means of expression.
(2) Both the Oxidation and Shadow Paintings were created as nonrepresentational works, but only the Shadows were made with Warhol's signature style and stenciled technique.
As an artist, Wardlaw has been active in and responsive to the major developments in painting since the appearance of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s to the hardedge, Color Field and Minimalist painting of the '60s and '70s to the nonrepresentational art of the 21st century; today, his art is intensely personal and highly expressive in a very exciting way."
To examine the implications of developing a sensory approach to analysing media, in what follows I create a dialogue between how the relationship between media and the senses has been conceptualised in literatures that take representational and nonrepresentational approaches to culture and the senses.
It also explores how focusing on abstract painting's nonrepresentational content or "meaning made visible" can expand that common ground and help resolve the "why" of religious disunity.
As in Contributions, Heidegger attempts to think historical beyng originarily and in a nonrepresentational way in a saying that (similarly to poetry) speaks out of the happening of truth (appropriated by the event) such that in the saying the event occurs.
Participants were shown pictures of canonically arranged and inverted faces, emoticons in the form ":-)" and nonrepresentational character combinations (henceforth known as characters) in the form "*/.".
The artist has found her preferred method of expressing that dichotomy in nonrepresentational art, which she enjoys for its ability "to allude to what which we cannot define." As, part of her creative process, the artist combs through thrift stores and salvage yards, searching for discarded industrial materials she can use to "[create] form from the formless realm."
Music, the German philosopher believed, occupies a superior position due to its nonrepresentational nature, while the visual arts always seek to imitate people or objects.AaContrary to Schopenhauer's rigidly hierarchical view, the two art forms have enjoyed a mutually fruitful relationship
Fundamentally, phenomenologist, feminist, psycho-analytic and nonrepresentational geographers recognise that emotions are what make geography important.
It slyly insinuates the very act of collage as a form of nonrepresentational abstraction.
Gender and Sexuality in South African Music, a book of nine short essays drawn from conference presentations at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 2003, begins with an interesting idea: music's uniquely "nonrepresentational" properties, we are told by editors Chris Walton and Stephanus Muller, allow "composers greater freedom to express desire ...