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of or relating to a style of art in which objects do not resemble those known in physical nature

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Cash prizes of P300,000, P200,000, and P100,000 await the top three winners in the representational and nonrepresentational categories.
In the case of character experience, this is the task of the author; and as we have seen, it can be done through nonrepresentational expressive devices, whose range remains to be explored; but in the case of reader's experience, this is the task of the analyst, and because of the conventions of scholarly discourse it cannot be done by "poetic" means of expression.
Moreover, since philosophical and theological terms are limited in their semantic meanings, and given that visual nonrepresentational imagery appeals also to the mind's eye, there is a greater chance of establishing unity through abstract art.
Ultimately, he roots these scores' affective ability to music's power as a nonlinguistic, nonrepresentational medium and its supplementarity to the cinematographic image.
Participants were shown pictures of canonically arranged and inverted faces, emoticons in the form ":-)" and nonrepresentational character combinations (henceforth known as characters) in the form "*/.
The artist has found her preferred method of expressing that dichotomy in nonrepresentational art, which she enjoys for its ability "to allude to what which we cannot define.
Music, the German philosopher believed, occupies a superior position due to its nonrepresentational nature, while the visual arts always seek to imitate people or objects.
Fundamentally, phenomenologist, feminist, psycho-analytic and nonrepresentational geographers recognise that emotions are what make geography important.
It slyly insinuates the very act of collage as a form of nonrepresentational abstraction.
Situated in a South African context described as negatively "obsessed with sex" (the editors locate the paranoid regulation and denial of sex and sexuality and particularly the prohibition on miscegenation during the years of apartheid as a central departure point for their inquiries), the book suggests thereby that nonrepresentational cultural practice is a privileged site of repressed desire.
Fulfilling her aim to focus "mainly on the self-consciously modernist nonrepresentational plays produced at the Provincetown Playhouse" (xvi), Murphy's third chapter examines what we may call a "subgroup" within the Provincetown community, the modernist poets who published free verse in the Village's Others magazine, including Alfred Kreymborg, Edna St.
We discussed the term in relation to the visual arts and looked at examples of nonrepresentational images.
According to Edward Tufte (the man who wrote the basic text on the visual display of quantitative information), "the use of nonrepresentational pictures to show numbers is a surprisingly recent invention.
Working from his interest in linguistics and communications in education, Roth takes a nonrepresentational approach to language, removing the distance between the individual subject and the world it knows, examining such topics as taking position and orienting in the world, the co-evolution of world and language, the contingency of explanations, public language v.