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not capable of physical reflection

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Values of K([lambda]) and S([lambda]) for the same materials as used here have been evaluated earlier [10] from diffuse reflectance values obtained from measurements on a thin and smooth translucent sheet placed over a nonreflecting black background and then over a white background [17, 18].
With modern airport design allowing the maximum amount of light into buildings, displays with nonreflecting surfaces are essential.
This wonderfully tactile material can be made as slick and shiny as a mirror or as rough textured and nonreflecting as sandpaper.
However, the technique required passing a laser beam through a tiny hole in a nonreflecting sleeve capping one end of the precision metering rod, so that the beam would bounce off the rod and not its sleeve.
In this paper we study wave transformation along one of these nonreflecting configurations, a quartic bottom profile (h ~ [x.
The nonreflecting propagation of monochromatic waves in inhomogeneous media has been studied for certain conditions with applications to different fields: acoustics (Brekhovskikh, 1980), plasma (Ginzburg, 1970), and fluids (Magaard, 1962; Vlasenko, 1987).