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not moving alternately forward and backward

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Caption: The nonreciprocating side-charging handle allows for convenient manual cycling from the prone.
But eventually even they grew wary of casually placing into the public domain discoveries that nonreciprocating "colleagues" were likely to appropriate for commercial gain.
Marlin and Clyde Keaton used a nonreciprocating screw to develop screw plastification with automatic transfer molding.
The bolt is nonreciprocating and can be locked to the rear by pulling it rearward and up to engage a notch in the tube located above the barrel (left).
Rock River's .223/5.56mm LAR-PDS gas-piston AR pistol, with its nonreciprocating collapsible front charging handles and adjustable gas block, is state-of-the-art in this type of design, and it's every bit as accurate with .223 ammo as the 9mm proved to be.