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not reciprocal

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This increase in sensitivity will especially occur when the mode of autonomic control is one of the coupled nonreciprocal modes, coactivation or coinhibition.
The nonreciprocal power semantic is associated with a relatively static society in which power is distributed by birthright and is not subject to much redistribution.
The very presence of these clinics begs several questions: Can the provision of therapy, with its focus on internal sources of dysfunction and its reliance on nonreciprocal relationships, be consistent with the goals and methods of a settlement house?
Frequent nonreciprocal translocations in the amphidiploid genome of oilseed rape (Brassica napus).
The CBI provided nonreciprocal duty treatment to a wide range of U.
The net effect of this nonreciprocal event is to replace the gene located in the expression locus with one that was previously silent.
cleavage product of VP4, three disctinct reactivity group were identified: reactivity group represented porcine rotavirus serotypes G3 and G5, defined by the reciprocal recognition of 1C10 and 7D2 and by the nonreciprocal recognition of the Mab 1C3; represented porcine rotavirus G11, defined by the reciprocal recognition of Mab 6E10 and 8D10, and by the non-reciprocal recognition of Mab 5E6; and the one represented by Mab 4B2, directed against [VP8.
This nonreciprocal orientation underscores its difference from "civil respect" and "moral esteem.
Health care personnel have become concerned that stimulation in this environment is both noncontingent and nonreciprocal and thus may have lifelong implications for reduced intellectual development (Burns et al.
He therefore establishes hierarchical and nonreciprocal relationships with his fellow human beings.
The most basic moral principles of Jenu Kurumba social life are defined as "the striving for non-exclusive equality, the exclusion of nonreciprocal hierarchical relatedness and the value of work itself; understood not to produce things .
This relationship is nonreciprocal and it can have a number of different bases: physical strength, wealth, age, or institutionalized role within the state, family, church, army, and so on, and examples include relations such as: older than, richer than, stronger than, parent of and employer of The relationship of power is matched by the power semantic, which is also nonreciprocal, and can be illustrated by the non-reciprocal exchange of pronouns and other forms of address (see also Brown -- Ford 1964).
Nonreciprocal ferrite phase shifters additionally have to switch phases between transmit and receive, which makes operation in the high-PRF pulse-Doppler mode difficult.
119) The four most prominent theories are Richard Epstein's causal theory, George Fletcher's nonreciprocal risk theory, Ernest Weinrib's formalist/rationalist theory, and Jules Coleman's ecumenical theory.
i] is the average effect of individual i as parent (the general nonreciprocal combining ability, GCA [Falconer 1981, p.