fetal distress

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an abnormal condition of a fetus

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Currently there is no clear evidence about the adequate vasopressor for non-elective surgery; the bioequivalent doses of phenylephrine and etilefrine are unknown; and the specific vasopressor that can be safely used in mothers of nonreassuring fetal status babies has not been identified.
While we found an overall increased rate of cesarean section, this could not be attributed to an increase in cesarean sections performed for either dystocia or nonreassuring fetal status.
My personal opinion is cesarean section should be reserved for obstetric indications--things like failure to progress, breech presentation, or nonreassuring fetal status in labor.
The cesarean section rate for nonreassuring fetal status was 5% among the 508 women whose labors were monitored with electronic fetal monitoring and pulse oximetry, compared with 10% of the 502 women whose labors were monitored with electronic fetal monitoring alone.
Common indications include membrane rupture, gestational hypertension, nonreassuring fetal status, and various maternal medical or fetal conditions.
There are wide variations in the average days of pregnancy extension and other specific outcomes among studies, including rates of perinatal death (range, 0%-17%), placental abruption (4%-23%), small-for-gestational-age (22%-62%), maternal pulmonary edema (0%-9%), and delivery for nonreassuring fetal status (26%-75%).
Medical factors other than failure to progress, such as nonreassuring fetal status, macrosomia, or preeclampsia, may have prompted the delivery decision.
Moreover, the presence of meconium, long associated with nonreassuring fetal status, was found in one study to have no association with CP.
C-sections were performed for various reasons: three for nonreassuring fetal status, three for failure to progress, one for malpresentation, and one as an elective repeat C-section.