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a student who is very slow in learning to read

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When asked about the current literacy status of their students, three of the seven teachers said that their students were either nonreaders or were not currently developing literacy skills.
Since media planners cannot possibly be readers of the hundreds of publications they are obliged to consider, they should bear in mind that their nonreader perspective may be quite different from the perspective of the reader.
For romance readers, threats to face come when nonreaders are aware that they read such novels.
Our instructors indicate that a nonreader will need, on average, two years of study to read newspaper-level materials.
Get Into Reading is for everyone: whether you're a reader or a nonreader, orwould simply like some time and space to relax.
Perhaps by operating intelligently, Express can cross-promote the Post's Web site and the newspaper, and over time we can migrate some meaningful minority from the nonreader status on the subway to habitual users of the Web site and perhaps, even over more time, subscribers to the newspaper.
Not only does the adult nonreader face limitations and difficulties similar to those with physical handicaps, but their inability to read stands as a wall between them and the resources that allow the rest of us to make a success of our lives.
Get Into Reading is for everyone:r whether you're a reader or a nonreader, or would simply like some time and space to relax.
After that age, a faltering or nonreader finds himself ill-equipped to conquer the educational tasks that follow.
IT'S A MYSTERY Elmore Leonard might have dreamed up: $1 million worth of cocaine and heroin from Colombia is mailed to the Miami Herald newsroom, and a mysterious caller - apparently a nonreader sends a courier to claim the goods.
He believes that more reading leads to the ignorance he said, "Our literary scholars have created a barrier between readers and nonreaders, people think the book reader is from literary or literature community, however it is not, books are for all, this barrier has to be removed.
Lee regularly includes ways to tailor a specific exercise to both readers and nonreaders, and she includes examples of tracking worksheets educators or parents can use to chart which words or concepts a child has mastered or is still struggling with learning.
World Book Night in April also saw 20,000 volunteers from all over the world give away free books to nonreaders and the college picked up 40 free books for students to distribute among the local community.