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unprejudiced about race

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So long as courts are empowered to make best interests determinations for children in custody disputes, questions about racial awareness and nonracist values ought to be included in t hat judgment.
According to Sue and Sue (1999), "development of a healthy White identity requires movement through two phases: Phase I, Abandonment of Racism, and Phase II, Defining a Nonracist White Identity" (p.
EMU: The ANC has a policy, as we said, for creating a nonsexist South Africa as well as a nonracist one, and the ANC has an upcoming conference where the agenda includes panels and speakers talking on the rights of women and also of children.
Furthermore, most ethnic individuals are socially conditioned to pick up nonverbal and verbal cues that could differentiate a racist from a nonracist person (Brinson, 1997).
A similar situation exists for the P and A scales, which essentially reflect nonracist attitudes.
Duke Power Co.(9) Greenberg's assessment of LDF's overall record, though occasionally somber and qualified, is for the most part extremely sanguine about both the success of the "civil rights revolution" and its prospects for continued social, political, and legal progress toward a nonracist, egalitarian society.
A recent commercial for "Navajo" trucks(30) begins with a male "Indian-sounding" voice saying: "He stirs." The "Indian" voice presumably authorizes this as nonracist. Fast-paced images coupled with dramatic drumming then appear: a misty kiva, suggesting the unconscious (kivas aren't Navajo, incidentally); a beautiful, "mysterious" sand painting; various shots of the landscape; and the "Oriental," seductive Native American woman.
But doesn't a capitalist economy in turn also differ depending upon whether the surrounding culture is nonracist or apartheid?
Helms devised the White Racial Identity Development (WRID) Model in an effort to describe the transformations that occur among Whites as they transition from having negative and stereotyped attitudes about people of color to the adoption of a nonracist identity.
Understanding and accepting White American culture is an important part of the process in creating a healthy nonracist White identity (Helms, 1990).
Far from discounting this subculture, Diamond treats it more respectfully than most analysts on the left (the Promise Keepers, for example, to her reflect a sincere desire among white evangelicals to create a nonracist brotherhood; its financial base does not represent a conspiracy of big right-wing foundations but primarily the many small donations of regular church folk).
Prospect, Spring 1995, at 85, 89-90 (viewing support of significant minority of Latinos for Proposition 187 as evidence of nonracist nature of support for measure) with Johnson, supra, at 650-61 (viewing fact that majority of Latinos opposed it as evidence of racism).
The remaking of society in a nonracist way does not itself constitute a viable program for controlling the state.
(1992) stated, "Culturally skilled counselors are constantly seeking to understand themselves as racial and cultural beings and are actively seeking a nonracist identity" (p.
Active government efforts at achieving racial equality, the racial realists tell us, have failed since such efforts do not recognize blacks' inherent defects and because they violate white Americans' principled and nonracist commitments to individualism, meritocracy and small government.