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unprejudiced about race

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Participants acknowledged such a process as ongoing, stressing that one never "arrived" to emerge fully and perfectly nonracist and successful at antiracist efforts.
Stated the editor upon the magazine's launch, "We're committed to nonsexist, nonracist and nonviolent ideals.
We are hopeful that Iraqis, who have had their fill of sectarian political parties, will be allowed freely to choose candidates who embrace a nonsectarian and nonracist agenda.
We're always very careful to differentiate between racist and nonracist skinheads," said Marilyn Mayo, co-director of the ADL's Center on Extremism.
A court would be asking whether a reasonable person could vote for candidate X, given the other options, on nonracist grounds.
SB: I'm also curious about how culturally things changed in Berlin for him after the Wende happened, because he had gone from this society that was officially nonracist to a society in which--I hope I don't offend--there was a resurgence of neo-Nazi feeling.
She said colorblindedness, understood by many to be a nonracist response, is not a solution because, for one thing, "it ignores the differences that we should celebrate.
In contrast, counselors in higher stages of ethnic identity development adopt a nonracist attitude and become involved in multicultural courses and projects.
However, most of them control this emotion, so they act in a nonracist way.
Although in the Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese American colonies slavery was based on race, each colony at the onset received a system of law based on Roman law and insofar as slave law remained unchanged or developed from its European tradition, the law remained nonracist in its rules.
I have been slowly advancing toward nonracist status since 2002 when I began to focus my professional development and research on multicultural counseling competency.
Helms (1993) proposed a similar White racial identity development model designed to assist Whites in the process of adopting a nonracist White identity and to renounce racism.
If, however, the goal were to be to obtain the full rights of citizenship in a democratic, nonracist state (as was the case in the American civil rights movement and the South African anti-apartheid movement), then nonviolence would be the only viable approach.
Additionally, the coalition of organizing groups modeled intersectional politics to some degree when "reproductive rights" was explicitly defined more broadly than just access to abortion, including also quite prominently access to contraception (emergency or otherwise), prenatal health care, nonracist medical care, and informed consent for sterilization and other procedures.