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unprejudiced about race

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Some of the ways in which I feel I am working on the second phase of developing a nonracist White identity are to be more vigilant about my own continued study of multicultural professional literature by following my younger colleagues' examples of making time to delve into new research and multicultural literature on a regular basis.
Phase II: Defining a Nonracist White Identity also has three statuses: (1) Pseudo-Independence is the first status defining a positive White identity; (2) Immersion-Emersion occurs when Whites replace White and Black stereotypes with more accurate information about what it means to be White in the United States; and (3) Autonomy is the final status, which requires White people to internalize, nurture, and apply the new definition of White identity (Evans, Forney, & Guido-Brito, 1998, p.
If, however, the goal were to be to obtain the full rights of citizenship in a democratic, nonracist state (as was the case in the American civil rights movement and the South African anti-apartheid movement), then nonviolence would be the only viable approach.
Nor should racists gain comfort from statistical arguments in favor of rational discrimination because it is incorrect to claim that the actions of racists are indistinguishable from those of nonracist practitioners of rational discrimination.
Seale, former national chairman of the Black Panthers, sets the record straight about the Black Panther Party as a nonracist, nonviolent revolutionary organization.
rational, nonracist motive for treating the lives of people in
This situation involves racism without racists, he argues, because taxi drivers have a nonracist reason for their actions, which is to avoid going to dangerous areas of the city.
Lorence (professor emeritus of history, University of Wisconsin-Marathon County) presents A Hard Journey: The Life of Don West is the biography of poet, ordained Congregationalist minister, labor organizer, educator, leftist activist, and political figure Don West, a twentieth-century American advocate for traditional religious values who dedicated himself to building a nonracist, egalitarian south.
In December 2005, according to an NGO, Sheikh Abdul al-Aziz Fawzan al-Fawzan, a professor of Islamic law at Al-Imam University, urged on Al-Majd television a nonracist, compassionate, "hatred" toward infidels that would guide and reform them.
Helms (1992) describes a pseudo-independent stage as signaling the first major movement toward the development of a positive nonracist identity.
Rather, they frame it as an attempt to "open a conversation about how race structures all of our classrooms and how we--individually and collectively--can dismantle that structure to make way for a new, nonracist academic environment" (2002, 3).
This may seem impossible but surely is no more impossible than the vision of Charles Hamilton Houston at Howard Law School that we could have a nonracist constitution.
1992) (disagreeing with this characterization of victimhood, since minorities would have had a larger proportion of society's goods in a nonracist environment, which the real world is not); Jerome McCristal Culp, Jr.
Faculty can intervene in this process by creating environments that encourage nonracist attitudes and actions, and by giving students the knowledge and skills to knowingly participate in change.