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the prevention of something increasing or spreading (especially the prevention of an increase in the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons)

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While in the United States Senate, Lugar and former Senator Sam Nunn were instrumental in putting nonproliferation on the map while working together across party lines to keep America's national security strong.
Creedon, the presenters discussed various NNSA programs and nuclear nonproliferation topics, including:
Conference speakers included Acting Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller, Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation Thomas Countryman, Assistant Secretary for Political Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro and Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Mike Hammer.
If President Ahmadinejad wants to come and announce that Iran will abide by their nonproliferation requirements under the NPT, that would be very good news indeed and we would welcome that," she said.
In the area of nonproliferation, which it says is a prerequisite for nuclear energy to be promoted, Japan should contribute to the activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency as a country with established legal systems and technologies, it says.
By stopping short of a no-exceptions promise to forgo a nuclear first strike, Obama meant to give other nations a strong incentive to respect the nonproliferation regime.
1) In fact, the Canadian Ambassador to Austria led the delegation, and it should be noted that the Ambassador is a senior nonproliferation diplomat who is accredited to the IAEA and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), two key nonproliferation posts, and is thus well equipped to be the Canadian lead.
pledge to refrain from military action against Iran, as part of a binding nonproliferation agreement.
India has been a persistent objector to the global nuclear nonproliferation order.
I believe it is a good and sound agreement that will have the effect of progressively integrating India into the global nonproliferation order.
In doing so, Ikle, who would soon be appointed to the directorship of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, highlighted what would become one of the fundamental and much neglected aspects of the international nonproliferation regime--that of detection.
Since 1992, the Congress has provided more than $7 billion for threat reduction and nonproliferation programs in the former Soviet Union (FSU).
Talbott's task was to persuade India to agree to four nonproliferation benchmarks, including the endorsement of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
The government seems determined to put a lot of money into very expensive nuclear weapons projects at the expense of nonproliferation programs, which are hurting for funding," says Victoria Samson, a research analyst with the Washington, D.
Each year the future of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) regime becomes more uncertain.
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