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old-fashioned and out of date

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Asymptomatic individuals and patients with mild signs and symptoms associated with nonprogressive cervical myeloplathy do not require preemptive surgical intervention, but recurrent neurologic follow-up and counseling to avoid high-risk activities are strongly recommended.
Pre-eruptive intra-coronal radiolucent defect: a case of a nonprogressive lesion.
4) These anomalies are often asymptomatic and nonprogressive, and they appear as a small orifice or pit that may go undetected.
It is important to note that the SD and any associated abnormalities were nonprogressive, eliminating the likelihood of underlying neurological diseases or conditions.
At the conference Jones separates them into the progressive or revolutionary in the sense of transformative and the nonprogressive (counter revolutionary).
12] deficiency was infrequent, vaguely defined, and usually nonprogressive and subclinical (2).
Although CP is a nonprogressive permanent impairment of cerebral function, complications of the disease can lead to deterioration in function (Heilbroner & Casteneda, 2007).
employment and unemployment taxes tend to be regressive because the rates are nonprogressive and the tax base is capped.
In another performance, her bit in Astra Taylor's 2008 film Examined Life, AR expresses her general suspicion of philosophy as the search for meaning, which "has often had very fascistoid nonprogressive edges, if not a core.
Thus, early enthusiasm for the surgical management of SAH has subsided, and a more conservative approach has been adopted in low-grade SAH with stable and nonprogressive neurological deficits.
3 Mutation in Hypochromic mitochondria] microcytic ABCB7 gene anemia, early onset nonprogressive ataxia Myopathy associated with 255125 Autosomal 12q24.
With some fear of belaboring the point, it is important to ask why these instances of echoic behaviors can be considered as learning tools as opposed to simply moments of meaningless, nonprogressive imitation.
It is just another of many bad tax policies: A nonprogressive tax rate schedule that hasn't changed significantly for more than 50 years.
Overdiagnosis of nonprogressive tumors does occur in breast cancer screening programs," he allowed, but "credible estimates suggest approximately 3%-9%, not 50%.
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