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old-fashioned and out of date

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The percentages of the progressive and nonprogressive motile sperm are shown in figure 2.
Cerebral palsy (CP) is described as a group of permanent changes in the development of movement and posture that limit daily life activities as a consequence of a nonprogressive injury to the central nervous system that may occur during the pre-, peri- or postnatal period.
The clinical importance of NAFLD is due to its high prevalence (25% of the general population) and its wide spectrum of histological damage ranging from simple steatosis, which is generally nonprogressive, to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which can lead to cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, and liver failure [1].
Among nonprogressive academics, Richard Epstein's analysis in advance of the ADA's regulations coming fully into effect is especially revealing.
1 but nonprogressive disease per immune-related response criteria (irRC).
The first patch appeared over her forearm for which she had a tattoo made, and the lesion was nonprogressive.
Progressive disease (such as dystrophy) or nonprogressive (scar)
He reported having woken up with a large, swollen, and nonprogressive mass on the right cheek.
S100-Beta, melanoma-inhibiting activity, and lactate dehydrogenase discriminate progressive from nonprogressive American Joint
Their infertility was assessed by spermiogram according the WHO references and they all fell in the range between the 5th and the 40th percentile, with motility lower than WHO values (40% sperm with progressive, slowly progressive and nonprogressive movement, and 32% sperm with progressive and slow progressive movement) [3].
One hundred sperm were evaluated per animal and classified for motility into type A, motile with progressive trajectory, type B, motile with nonprogressive trajectory, or type C, immotile.
Common deformity pattern is that of nonprogressive thoracic curves with T6-T8 apex; scoliosis progression has been observed in 28.
Serial radiographs showed no evidence of subsidence, migration or bead shedding; 5 cups had radiolucent lines which were nonprogressive.
The nonprogressive character of the debate between the proponents of inclusive fitness and the proponents of group selection can be attributed in good part to the false alternatives offered in the formula repeated by Wilson and Wilson.
Soyinka places nonprogressive faiths among the global problems that defer human solidarity and progress.
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