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an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities

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Given that program revenue is largely contingent upon whether the nonprofit organization is operating efficiently, effectively, and ethically, management and those serving the industry must continue to maintain accurate fiscal disclosures.
-- Shaw's Supermarkets here has joined with shoppers to raise money for nonprofit organizations in the New England market, through a new "Receipt Rewards" program.
In distinguishing a nonprofit organization from a for-profit entity, Sec.
Women are referred to Dress for Success by nonprofit organizations. Each woman receives three business outfits when she has a job interview and two more when she gets the job.
Nonprofit organizations have been funding health research for decades and, in my mind, having an "interest in health" is in no way synonymous with a financial vested interest.
Meanwhile, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental ethics and government accountability, was also taking notice.
The Wi-Fi Alliance (formerly WECA) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of IEEE 802.11 products and to promote them as the global, wireless LAN standard across all market segments.
While primary responsibility for the financial reporting process vests in the management of (nonprofit organization's name), the audit committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") will assist the board of directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities.
Along with specific reforms proposed, however, opposition is emerging among people involved in grassroots organizations generally known collectively as nonprofit organizations. Their complaints focus on the government's approach of bundling their organizations together with those other supposedly public-service organs in the course of reforms.
A global nonprofit organization that helps member companies achieve commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities and the environment.
The Center for Media Education, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., has begun a year-long research project that aims to combine the growth of Internet use with a democratic renewal.
Locals Online was designed to solve problems that local unions confront when they try to use new technology--problems that are common to any nonprofit organization wrestling with this new medium.
Against the backdrop of these financial pressures, we examine the factors that drive charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations. Because nonprofits have received a great deal of advice on how to manage their operations efficiently, we are interested in the question of whether strategic positioning around efficiency, defined as the reporting of a below average administrative to total expense ratio, increases the contributed income that a nonprofit organization is able to raise over time.
The Board has received a comment from the Maryland Center for Community Development ("MCCD"), a state-wide nonprofit organization, that criticizes Allfirst's record of opening branches in Baltimore.
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