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In the debates over the supply of justice services, anarchists have tended to picture the legal order nonpolitically, and the limited governmentalists to picture it noneconomically.
The stand-alone dummy [EC.sub.f] reflects the general business performance of politically connected firms vis-a-vis their nonpolitically connected counterparts.
In this perspective, the main power resource of judges is to act as nonpolitically as possible: "Herein (...) lies a paradox that sheds a different light on the supposed naivete of legalists.
Is there no nonpolitically correct ACLU lawyer or other staff worker or anyone in the ACLU affiliates around the country or any dues-paying member outraged enough to demand of the ACLU's ruling circle to at last disavow this corruption of the Constitution?"
Data in OPM's CPDF show that as of September 2007, the overall percentages of women and minorities have increased in the career SES governmentwide, the highest nonpolitically appointed leaders in the federal workforce, and the SES developmental pool for potential successors since September 2003.
London felt it was his duty to provide other physicians with the means to become the "world's second-best doctor." He goes about it in a decidedly nonpolitically correct manner that may be best exemplified by his dieting advice.
Before leaders are selected for critical (nonpolitically appointed) positions in national and homeland security, they should be accredited by a board of professionals in accordance with broad guidelines that Congress establishes.
Nearly 90 percent of the respondents--even the students from the nonpolitically interested focus groups--said they would be more interested in their school's political system if they were given more authority.
The end result of this conflict left a bewildered rooster in the corner of the yard crowing victory for all he was worth, and my wife stomping back to the house muttering very nonpolitically correct things regarding his place in the universe.
Instead of venturing into potentially murky nonpolitically correct waters, an author should suggest that a patient's functional status, rather than his or her age or sex, be the barometer used in determining the weight or number of repetitions recommended for a patient's home care exercise regiment.
"We should bring people in who have the expertise in these issues and can have a discussion in a nonpartisan, nonpolitically charged environment on how we can move forward on this, and how we can involve the people in the state," Richardson said.
In the view of Anthony Lake, "To the degree the national security adviser is perceived as being political, he undercuts his ability to work on the Hill and undercuts the confidence of the other agencies." In fact, according to Lake, "Increasingly in modern Washington you have to make sure that you act as nonpolitically as possible and keep your distance from the political side of the White House" (Daalder and Destler 1999, 6, 16).
This surprised me because I expected that most political journalists would be working outside of the bubble to bring news about the campaign, candidates and issues to their nonpolitically active audience.
Freedom as a political value may require such sacrifice, whereas if it is conceived nonpolitically, then it may not, or may be tied to means that have more to do with, say, self-determination or self-transcendence that the sacrifice of innocent human life.