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BEIRUT: Efforts to form a new government marked time Friday as Hezbollah reiterated that a nonpolitical government is unrealistic, adding that an all-inclusive Cabinet should be formed to handle the huge tasks ahead.
We are nonpolitical and only focus on spreading the message of Islam, which is of peace and love across the world.
Said used his analysis to dispute "the general liberal consensus that 'true' knowledge is fundamentally nonpolitical.
Dobson claims the group is nonpolitical, but he has regularly intervened in partisan politics, pressing Republican leaders to adopt Religious Right stands on education, abortion, homosexuality and other social issues.
And when he got a Republican Congress (and a new essentially nonpolitical Secretary of the Treasury who likes economists better than lawyers) he worked his will into the law.
Bartolini's characteristic delicacy applies not only to the physical character of the material, but also to the suppleness of the action, deliberately nonideological and nonpolitical yet always tending to diverge from its own norm or violate its internal logic.
Chun was quoted as saying his visit to Japan will be for nonpolitical purposes.
He makes the case for openness in a relatively nonpolitical way, often emphasizing its usefulness in simply protecting our physical safety.
I feel that this project will be sound, secure, and nonpolitical, and could serve as a model; this kind of conservation is just not being done in most areas of the country today.
Greek poet of the nonpolitical and realistic Athenian school of New Comedy, the ancestor of the comedy of manners.
Margolis and Moses propose giving the state exclusive funding power and turning the allocation process over to what they consider to be nonpolitical bodies (such as the New York State Board of Regents).
Ten percent of the fund manager's fees are earmarked for nonpolitical Atlanta charities.
Founded in 1948, the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, a nonprofit, nonpolitical, scholarly society, brings together over 3,000 scholars interested in the culture, history, and languages of the region's peoples, and economic and political systems, and gives coherence to a field that covers a multitude of academic disciplines and diverse interests.
Summary: The Press Federation held general elections for its council Thursday, whereby representatives of daily, weekly and nonpolitical publications were elected, said the state-run National News Agency.
THEORETICALLY, the federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission considers the closing of bases and transferring of jobs and resources within the nonpolitical context of doing the greater good for the military and the local economies.