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'Please be reminded that electioneering or engaging in partisan political activities by one holding a nonpolitical office is a punishable offense,' the order read.
BEIRUT: Efforts to form a new government marked time Friday as Hezbollah reiterated that a nonpolitical government is unrealistic, adding that an all-inclusive Cabinet should be formed to handle the huge tasks ahead.
"We are nonpolitical and only focus on spreading the message of Islam, which is of peace and love across the world.
With an emphasis on prospecting, Kehrli provided the following tips for how nonpolitical nonprofits can mail smarter during certain times of the year:
"As the founding fathers wisely understood, the Congress and a free press, as with a nonpolitical military, assure a free country -- a point underscored by a French observer writing about George Washington in 1782.
Three recent cases before the Arizona Supreme Court testify to the success of this system in keeping our courts impartial and nonpolitical. In the second half of 2006, the Republican controlled legislature and the Republican Party went to the Supreme Court for rulings.
HONOURS are meant to be a nonpolitical way of thanking people who have contributed to the good of the country or helped others.
For instance, a candidate might be a celebrity, a military leader or an expert in a nonpolitical field.
In his first book, Death at an Early Age, Kozol presented himself as a nonpolitical, idealistic young man shocked by a glaring injustice.
Under National Archivists during both Republican and Democratic presidencies, the tradition of nonpolitical and highest professional attention to the work involved has been the norm.
The late Flip Wilson--one of the most visible (and blatantly nonpolitical) celebrities at the Movement's height--is revealed to be a closet revolutionary of sorts; Wilson owned his own self-titled show and left the spotlight on his terms.
The AWC Berne was founded in 1949 and currently has 165 members AWC Berne is a nonpolitical organisation sponsoring social, cultural and charitable activities in and around Bern, Switzerland Interest groups and activities include:
Said used his analysis to dispute "the general liberal consensus that 'true' knowledge is fundamentally nonpolitical."
Dobson claims the group is nonpolitical, but he has regularly intervened in partisan politics, pressing Republican leaders to adopt Religious Right stands on education, abortion, homosexuality and other social issues.
And when he got a Republican Congress (and a new essentially nonpolitical Secretary of the Treasury who likes economists better than lawyers) he worked his will into the law.