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Synonyms for nonplused

filled with bewilderment

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WB executives were nonplused by the upset fans of the Chuck Jones cartoon figure, who would have been 50 years old this season.
Thirteen months is typical for our development programs in Japan," he answers, nonplused.
Although Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan seemed one of the most promising of this new generation, some were nonplused by her proposed research, for she quietly announced that she planned to rewrite the whole of Venetian history.
After finishing his remarks, nonplused, the charismatic governor punched out 200 of the protesters, then had producer Jerry Bruckheimer blow up the entire campus.
It was difficult to tell whether she was being sarcastic or not, although she did seem a little nonplused when she discovered her microphone was already turned on.
When Olive contacted City Hall she was further nonplused to learn the ticket paperwork processing is farmed out to a contractor in Tustin.