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Synonyms for provider

Synonyms for provider

someone who provides the means for subsistence

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The employment of nonphysician providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants has been found to improve access to patient care and improve medical practice performance (Moody, Smith, and Glenn 1999).
In forecasting the need for primary care physicians in a managed care environment, Hart, Wagner, Pirzada, Nelson, and Rosenblatt (1997) noted that most prior studies had excluded nonphysician providers, including nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician assistants.
We conclude that, for purposes of cost containment, insurance benefits not only should include the services of nonphysician providers, but should be designed to encourage their use.
Of the 15 patients with prior treatment complications, 64% were treated by a nonphysician provider. The most common complication was scarring (53%), followed by dyspigmentation (47%), blistering (20%), and paradoxical darkening (20%).
Figure 1 shows the unadjusted mean probability of having any officebased visit with a primary care or specialist physician, a midlevel provider, or a nonprimary care nonphysician provider by expansion status for newly eligible adults.
Clinical productivity in the incentive plan was measured by national Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) benchmarks for wRVUs for nonphysician providers (2009).
"That shortage points to the need for care delivered by nonphysician providers in alternate settings like retail clinics--and the growing popularity of MinuteClinic just confirms that," he says.
She includes staff for phones, the front office, the visit, the billing office, medical records, and part-time and virtual staff and nonphysician providers, as well as chapters on talent management, compensation, and incentive plans.
The number of jobs created directly by the office-based physician industry was 3.3 million, including administrative staff, physicians and nonphysician providers. Almost 700,000 jobs in other industries are supported by office-based physicians from business-to-business interactions.
CPT has also indicated that active wound management codes 97597 and 97598 can now be reported by physicians or nonphysician providers as long as the provider has direct (one-on-one) contact.
It can include even nonphysician providers if the facts are clear and the intent of the statutes is violated.
Among the roughly 225,000 Hawaii Kaiser Permanente members, total office visits, including visits with nonphysician providers, fell from an average of 5.01 per member in 2004 to 3.70 in 2007, a highly significant net change of 26% (Health Affairs 2009;28:323-33).The decrease was seen in specialist visits (down 21%) as well as primary care visits (down 25%).
* Coalition for Patients' Rights: a multidisciplinary group of health professional organizations that monitors and seeks to defeat organized medicine's efforts to limit scope of practice for nonphysician providers
(4) In 2003 the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologists issued this statement: "The use of nonphysician providers is projected to increase over the next 15 years.
Patients deserve a high standard of care, and I do not believe the practice of nonphysician providers ordering radiology exams from the waiting room is safe, ethical or responsible medicine.