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Synonyms for nonphysical

Synonyms for nonphysical

lacking substance or reality


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However, it did not consider nonphysical types of abuse, other than stalking, and like the study by Snow Jones et al.
In Murphy II the DC Circuit held that a tax on an award of damages for nonphysical injuries was an excise tax permitted under Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution and was not a direct tax subject to the apportionment requirement of Article I, Section 9.
It found that gross income includes damages for nonphysical injuries, and Congress's power to tax includes the authority to tax these damages.
In the alternative, Murphy argued that damages paid with regard to nonphysical injuries are not "income" as the term has been defined by the U.
Edinburgh Capitals, shortbenched, had an open, nonphysical game that was brushed aside easily on Saturday.
His death is seen as preordained only in retrospect and his resurrection is viewed in a spiritual, nonphysical sense, not as bodily reanimation.
In addition to studying the overall cohort, the researchers looked separately at outcomes among women who experienced physical and nonphysical (i.
In order to account for this generalization, we must attribute to the children not only the above capacity to learn to generalize according to nonphysical classes but also the capacity to pay attention to many subtle features that are shared by the verbal stimuli, such as the possibility of being preceded by "articles" like 'the' (see, e.
Book Three, Inner Workings, pulls together the previous writings into a more formal model reality that explains how nonphysical reality works and relates to our experiences with physical reality.
In 2001, we revised the admission criteria for the AOS unit to include a minimental status exam (MMSE) score of 25 or above, regular group activities participation, and no unpredictable, nonphysical illness-related disturbing behaviors.
Three scales were administered: the Global Screen Inventory (GSI), the Partner Nonphysical Abuse Scale and the Partner Physical Abuse Scale.
The number of bullying incidents committed by children, including physical and nonphysical forms of abuse, at public schools also fell to about 25,000, down 18.
Nearly 60 percent of students experienced physical harassment while 76 percent reported nonphysical incidents (e.
A value shift from physical things to nonphysical things, which is increasing corporate and commercial awareness of intellectual property;
He also said he is developing a proposal to expand the criteria for miraculous intercession by a potential saint to include nonphysical events such as the ability of an individual to bring about the conversion of others.