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Synonyms for nonphysical

Synonyms for nonphysical

lacking substance or reality


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But this can only happen if scientists are willing to change their methodology or paradigm to include the study of nonphysical phenomena.
Nonphysical investments will reach P660 million between 2019 and 2023, as well as P470 million in 2024 to 2030.
Associate Professor Mons Bendixen and Professor Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's (NTNU) Department of Psychology divided sexual harassment into two main groups: nonphysical harassment (hearing derogatory sexual remarks about one's appearance, behavior, or sexual orientation; unwanted sexual attention; being the subject of rumors; and being shown sexually oriented images) and physically coercive sexual behavior, such as unwanted kissing, groping, intimate touch, and intercourse.
The delayed time is processed in order to avoid the nonphysical poles caused by the early time response of the antenna.
It has been shown that the nodal based finite element method has several advantages in solving homogeneous waveguide problems, but when applied to inhomogeneous waveguide problems it yields nonphysical modes with nonzero eigenvalues.
While health care workers faced an increased risk of physical and nonphysical violence, such as verbal abuse, on the job, little training is offered to help nurses and others prevent violence at work.
In this work for lawyers, judges, and policymakers, she argues that some forms of domestic violence actually violate international human rights law and that countries should be held accountable for failure to deal with extreme and systemic forms of physical and nonphysical cumulative violence, which the author terms 'systemic intimate violence.' Drawing on national, regional, and international legislation and legal instruments, she explores how international law can be used to induce states to remedy deficiencies within their own domestic legal systems.
" "Before we intervene, too many people were killed by the opposition, but through the physical and nonphysical presence of the Islamic republic, great massacres have been avoided".
* Sales of virtual goods (nonphysical items such as virtual clothing or gifts to be used online) are called micro-transactions.
However, that physical information cannot decipher the knowledge-content underlying nonphysical human thought, which can be understood and communicated only by other conscious beings.
"But with this service, we are asking women directly if they suffer from domestic abuse and offering help for the nonphysical effects as well."
* Cedar Rapids, Iowa's, Switch Program encourages kids to switch what they do (from nonphysical to physical activities), switch what they view (reducing television viewing time), and switch what they chew (to increase fruit and vegetable consumption).
Physical and nonphysical types of intimate partner violence (IPV) are common in women, with lifetime prevalence ranging from 17 to 34 percent for physical IPV, and 12 to 35 percent for nonphysical abuse (e.g., verbal threats; chronic controlling behavior; Coker et al.
* The Supreme Court denied certiorari in Murphy II, in which the DC Circuit held that a tax on an award of damages for nonphysical injuries under Sec.