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not photosynthetic

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So even a strong signal of nonphotosynthetic pigments would be seen at best only in the 'disk average,' or average planetary brightness in the electromagnetic spectrum, Schwieterman said.
The UW-based planetary lab has a growing database of spectra and pigments of nonphotosynthetic organisms and more that is available to the public, and to which data from this project have been added.
Nonphotosynthetic microbes take energy from sources other than light, such as charged ions in certain metals.
Robert Kelly, director of the biotechnology program at North Carolina State University, suggests that energy for nonphotosynthetic organisms could come from hydrogen, which some anaerobic microbes use to reduce [CO.
The spores of seedless vascular plants with surficial, photosynthetic gametophytes typically germinate in light (Raghavan, 1989), while those with subterranean, nonphotosynthetic, mycorrhizal gametophytes germinate in the dark (Whittier, 2005, 2006).
This study was initiated to determine if the inhibition of spore germination by red light occurs in another seedless vascular plant with subterranean, nonphotosynthetic, mycorrhizal gametophytes.
1987; Raghavan, 1989), but it is inhibited in the species tested with subterranean, nonphotosynthetic, mycorrhizal gametophytes (Whittier, 2006).
1988) demonstrated that adult shrimp indeed depend on nonphotosynthetic organic carbon sources, whereas their nitrogen isotopes are consistent with a role as primary consumers.
have already argued that the nonphotosynthetic plant pigments have the
This morphology is hypothesized to be the result of a secondary endosymbiosis in which a green alga was engulfed as prey by a nonphotosynthetic amoeba or amoebaflagellate.
Bird says the algal grazing rates are similar to those measured for marine microflagellates, abundant nonphotosynthetic microorganisms recently recognized as important in consuming algae.
In nonphotosynthetic cells, the mitochondrial electron
The remaining gametophytes of the Lycopodiaceae are subterranean, mycorrhizal, and nonphotosynthetic.
Evolutionary and functional evidence suggests that rbcL may encode a protein with an unexpected nonphotosynthetic function in O.