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Consumers visiting a life insurance price comparison site that delivers online quotes should expect to give nonpersonally identifying information related to underwriting the policy.
com) confined its information collection to nonpersonally identifying information such as age, gender, height, and weight.
Information except from COPPA includes nonpersonally identifiable information, such as a first name only and a screen name or their personal information that is not tied to an email address.
The obvious example is that of the Internet advertising giant DoubleClick, which suffered a 40-point collapse in its stock price following its announcement that it intended, despite earlier promises to the contrary, to merge nonpersonally identifiable behavioral information that it had collected through the use of special online software called cookies with personally identifiable information obtained through its purchase of a massive offline marketing database.
Bizo uses its proprietary business segmentation to convert data about businesspeople into nonpersonally identifiable (so it cannot be used by itself to identify or locate a specific person) business demographic segments.