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The unadjusted mean differences in transitional wage changes by reason for first job separation are numerically quite large and statistically jointly significant; they indicate that the largest between-job log-wage changes are experienced by those women who quit their first job for nonpersonal (job-related) reasons (+10.
Health services can be further classified according to the well-known distinction between personal and nonpersonal services.
When preparing for a program, creating an exhibit or piece of nonpersonal interpretive media, or just researching for basic knowledge to answer visitor questions, having accurate information is critical.
The 18 activities listed included walking around the specific buildings, reading specific types of nonpersonal interpretive products, talking with or listening to a ranger or ranger program, and/or participating in a recreational activity such as picnicking, nature watching, fishing, photography, or sitting on a bench.
This is quite effective in having the client feel safe and comfortable enough to examine sensitive materials in a detached and nonpersonal way.
If the authority is not made permanent, NIST officials said they will have to revert to the use of nonpersonal services contracts, which they believe are less effective in meeting the agency's needs because they require time-consuming contract modifications to redirect research and limit NIST's ability to select specific experts to do the work.
The individuality of human beings as personal beings is deep compared to that of the nonpersonal beings, above all, compared to that of inanimate things.
The nonpersonal may be governed by causal necessity; the personal, on the contrary, allows for alternative courses of action (157).
This would exclude not only atheistic Humanists and Marxists, but also nontheistic Theravada Buddhists, who do not deny the existence of God but rather understand ultimate reality in a nontheistic, nonpersonal manner (theism posits a "personal" God, Theos).
If you want to take advantage of personalized search for personal searches, but not for client research and other searches, you can log out anytime you do a nonpersonal search.
Peters's goal of presenting a view of God consistent with science leads him to describe a nonpersonal God who is part and parcel of the evolutionary process.
Because corporations or nonpersonal entities have no privilege against self-incrimination, it follows that corporations have no privilege against self-incrimination regarding their accountant's work papers relating to the corporation.
With literacy, argument can become nonpersonal or objective.
c) (1) Depository institution means an institution that maintains reservable transaction accounts or nonpersonal time deposits and is: