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What sort of judgment about value would explain and vindicate a philosophical discourse about love that ignored nonpersonal cases, if the average value and prevalence claims are insufficient?
Although literature differs on the definition of sensitive data, there seems to be a basic consensus: All nonpersonal data are inherently not sensitive, and that "not all personal data are of the same gradation of sensitivity" (Al-Fedaghi, 2007, pp.
One of the most commonly used means of classification for interpretation is to distinguish personal from nonpersonal interpretive media (Bacher et al., 2007; Ham, 1992; Knudson et al., 2003).
Paul Tillich used the term "what is of ultimate concern" to attempt to name the "transcendent," which could include those who hold to a personal or a nonpersonal, sacred or secular ultimate.
Therefore, if a contractor is controlled or supervised as government employees are under a nonpersonal services contract, the contractor's performance becomes a de facto personal services.
The cherry Blossom Festival, held in late March or early April, includes a parade on Pennsylvania Avenue that passes through Pennsylvania Avenue NHS, a kite festival, food, interpretive walks and talks, nonpersonal services (such as waysides/interpretive signs), and millions who come to see miles of blooming ornamental cherry trees over a two-week period.
This indicates that the personal data has far greater power to implement behavior change in comparison to nonpersonal data.
It is nonpersonal and has the power to generate images and concepts independent of consciousness.
But the multidimensional reality of the triune God (nonpersonal, unipersonal, and interpersonal) accommodates each of those "ends." Using "transversal rationality" as originally developed by Calvin Schrag, A.
His assistant Rui Faria, dismissed for angrily confronting the match officials, has admitted two charges of misconduct and requested a nonpersonal hearing.
The Rehabilitation Act's reach is limited to "any contract entered into by any Federal department or agency for the procurement of personal property and nonpersonal services (including construction) for the United States ...
Norwich have been fined PS20,000 after admitting a Football Association charge in relation to their their players being involved in the melee, but the Bluebirds have rejected the standard penalty and their case will now be decided by a nonpersonal hearing.
Information is constantly filtering into their brains through s nonpersonal, passive learning style.
They should be given flexibility to originate loans with limited or nonpersonal recourse, provided the structures of these loans are within accepted industry norms, he added.
Although the radical indifference of Zen, and the nonpersonal nature of Buddhism were very liberating from the superficial chumminess or pointed ideological agendas of a "personal" Christianity, they were simply not enough.