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Material incentives for the nonperformance based incentive condition were a themed pencil or candy.
The company is required to adjust the values of its derivative liabilities for the market's perception of its nonperformance risk.
The big difference between a derivative contract and a reinsurance contract is that the correlation between exposure and nonperformance is likely to be high in the case of reinsurance, whereas it is low with derivatives.
If there is no third party, performance must be probable due to sufficiently large disincentives for nonperformance (for example, fiduciary responsibilities, legal requirements or significant economic penalties to the consolidated entity for nonperformance).
Pop singer Ashlee Simpson made headlines in November for her nonperformance on ``Saturday Night Live.
Any nonperformance by a counterparty, whether due to insolvency, bankruptcy or other causes, could subject you to substantial losses.
The Lounge at REDCAT also will expand its hours to make the coffee shop, Wi-Fi spot, bar and bookstore available six nights a week, even on nonperformance evenings.
These risks, uncertainties and contingencies include, but are not limited to, the following: whether or not the transaction will be cash flow accretive; competition from other providers of natural gas gathering and processing services; potential equipment malfunction and repair delays; the legislative or regulatory environment; nonperformance by major customers or suppliers; and political and economic conditions, including the impact of potential terrorist acts.
Nonperformance scripts are on reserve in the college library.
Fitch views the risk of nonperformance under the T&D agreement as minimal given the importance of the LOCAP pipeline in meeting the refinery feedstock needs of the T&D obligors.