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not parasitic on another organism

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In our study, we made a comparison between Echinococcus-positive patients and nonparasitic cyst subject, as well as healthy controls, and only the first group revealed a significantly higher level of total IgE (Figure 8(a)).
hapla), nonparasitic nematode belonging to different species of genus Caenorhabditis and two other nematodes Pristionchus pacificus and Brugia malayi.
Otobius megnini exhibit endophilic behavior during nonparasitic stages in that they burrow into the ground, rocks, nest of host, etc.
(2-6) It accounts for less than 5% of nonparasitic hepatic cystic lesions.
The life cycle of ticks in the hard tick family, Ixodidae, is characterized by a short parasitic phase and a long nonparasitic or free-living phase.
1998), and e) ticks have no nonparasitic immature feeding stages whose survival is susceptible to short-term changes in weather as do dipteran vectors such as mosquitoes.
Studies in nonparasitic plant species, for example, in rice, have shown that introgression from cultivated species can considerably shape genetic diversity of wild populations [66, 67].
Yokokura et al., "Nonparasitic solitary huge liver cysts causing intracystic hemorrhage or obstructive jaundice," Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery, vol.
Sampling efficiency of three dragging techniques for the collection of nonparasitic Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) larvae in Puerto Rico.
For tomato producers, researchers, students, and gardeners, Blancard explains the diagnosis of parasitic and nonparasitic tomato plant diseases through descriptions and color photos, using a specific method for diagnosis and detailing methods of protection.
pacificus as nonparasitic nematodes as well as Nasonia vitripennis, the parasitoid wasp.