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Synonyms for nonparasitic

not parasitic on another organism

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Otobius megnini exhibit endophilic behavior during nonparasitic stages in that they burrow into the ground, rocks, nest of host, etc.
Sampling efficiency of three dragging techniques for the collection of nonparasitic Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) larvae in Puerto Rico.
Nonparasitic solitary huge liver cysts causing intracystic hemorrhage or obstructive jaundice.
For tomato producers, researchers, students, and gardeners, Blancard explains the diagnosis of parasitic and nonparasitic tomato plant diseases through descriptions and color photos, using a specific method for diagnosis and detailing methods of protection.
Klotz LJ (1978) Fungal, bacterial and nonparasitic diseases and injuries originating in the seedbed, and nursery orchard.
pacificus as nonparasitic nematodes as well as Nasonia vitripennis, the parasitoid wasp.
Khelif K, Maassarani F, Dassonville M et al: Laparoscopic partial splenectomy using radiofrequency ablation for nonparasitic splenic cysts in two children.
Nonparasitic cysts account for less than one-third of all splenic cyst cases.
The parasitic interactions between phorids and ants have thus been relatively well studied (Feener & Brown 1997; Brown 1999), but less is known about the evolution of their association and the behavior of phorids living commensally within ant nests, especially concerning nonparasitic interactions between these two groups (Holldobler & Wilson 1990).
Tick surveillence involves the use of chemical agents and management techniques to control both the parasitic and nonparasitic stages of the tick.
When hosts die the larvae quickly emerge and burrow into the soil to undergo the nonparasitic phase of the life cycle as soil mites (Hyland 1961).