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A method for combining occurrence and nonoccurrence interobserver agreement scores.
Let the actual occurrence or nonoccurrence of heavy rain damage on a given day be [y.sub.t], let that same day's weather observation data be the vector [x.sub.t] = ([x.sub.1t], [x.sub.2t], ..., []), and let the predicted occurrence or nonoccurrence of heavy rain damage for the same day, computed by entering that day's weather observation data into model f (x), be [[??].sub.t].
The nonoccurrence vectors will be [p.sub.N](a) = 1 pa = [0.4 0.64 0.96] and [p.sub.N](b) = 1 - [p.sub.b] = [0.072 0.928 1].
Therefore, this symmetrically illustrates that the occurrence of a usual event--or equivalently, the nonoccurrence of a rare event--is thus often prone to have a sufficient cause but rarely necessary ones.
The exponential of the coefficient B of this variable (0.149) expresses the odds ratio (the ratio of probability of occurrence of an event to the probability of nonoccurrence of an event).
In the context of the admissibility of nonoccurrence evidence, the First District Court of Appeal set aside the trial court's verdict in Hogan v.
Reassuming, it is impossible for the commission to adjudicate on the occurrence or nonoccurrence of a medical event not later than 4 months after the submission of the application.
* Underlying--an objectively verifiable variable that determines the settlement of a derivative, such as a security or commodity price or index, or even the occurrence or nonoccurrence of a specified event
provides insight into the intent of [section] 353.333(c) to identify the nonoccurrence of a third party asserting ownership over property, versus the nonoccurrence of Iran asserting ownership over property, with the result being a determination of Iran's interest in property as unencumbered.
Six characteristic peaks for [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] (20) at 30.06[degrees], 35.42[degrees], 43.05[degrees], 53.4[degrees], 57.15[degrees], and 62.79[degrees] were observed for both samples representing the nonoccurrence of any phase change during the immobilization of BSA.
Insofar as there are past events and processes that make possible the existence of modern liberalism, and this person is aware of them as such, he prefers on balance their occurrence to nonoccurrence.
In (UCC [section] 2-615-Excuse for Failure of Presupposed Conditions, except so far as a seller has assumed a greater obligation, delay in performance in whole or in part is not a breach of the seller's duty if performance has become impracticable by the occurrence of a contingency the nonoccurrence of which was a basic assumption of which the contract was made.
(24) Using the nonoccurrence of an MAE as a closing condition permits the buyer to terminate the agreement without penalty upon the occurrence of an MAE.
Failure has also been defined as lack of success, non-performance, and nonoccurrence (Metcalf et al., 2003, p.