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an abstract genre of art

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What is preferred is Abstract Expressionism and other forms of Nonobjective Art that are sufficiently ambiguous to stimulate a broad range of aesthetic interpretations, having an iconoclastic and experimental appearance while remaining politically safe.
For Western observers, the bias was esthetic: with the triumph of abstract art in the noncommunist world in the years following World War II, avant garde artists and the influential critics who promoted them dismissed Stalinist romantic realism as retrograde compared to the nonobjective art of the "progressive" West.
Kerns was heavily influenced by the early 20th century nonobjective art movement.
As the images begin to touch the edges of the frame, they become more simplified in a manner that facilitates an understanding of how progressively more abstract images result in nonobjective art.
That an institution founded precisely to showcase nonobjective art would so disregard modernist abstraction is particularly incomprehensible in the case of Brazil, which has made such substantial contributions to the idiom.
Patecky was a highly regarded Portland painter who helped introduce regional audiences to nonobjective art.
As my class looked at slides of Sonia Delaunay's works of art, we discussed nonobjective art as being art that has no recognizable subject matter in the work of art.
Most students in our middle school have little exposure to museums or art galleries; therefore, abstract or nonobjective art is something they seldom see.
She was the only female artist in the Pacific Northwest active in the nonobjective art movement.