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not monotonic

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His speculation concerns how to develop a model for this which exploits a nonmonotonic consequence relation.
(2012), there is a considerable body of experimental data to support the biological plausibility of nonmonotonic effects of exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the environment, such as PFAS.
[41] already performed experimental studies for doping with Feisovalent Ru and also observed a nonmonotonic thermopower increase, yet with semiconducting properties.
Hence, it is a nonmonotonic response and we need to do further studies based on other environmental factors and feedback involved.
The figures giving the experimental data show, to our knowledge, a hitherto unreported nonmonotonic dependence of [R.sub.g] on exit velocity/flame temperature as is observed for [f.sub.v], (see Figure 7).
In the nonmonotonic units, on the other hand, the spike count variances tend to be higher in the enriched animals; however, the differences are not statistically significant (Wilcoxon rank sum tests, p >0.7 at all intensities).
We propose the concept of "pulse characteristic" to describe the nonmonotonic variation of CNMCC at reservoir scale.
However, since the relationship between the proportion of shoppers and price dispersion is nonmonotonic in many search-theoretic models (including in Varian 1980), the effect of an increase in shoppers on price dispersion would depend on whether the proportion of shoppers was relatively low or high in period t - 1.
We focus on the various nonmonotonic behaviors of the output amplitude A with the system parameters and the parameters of the internal driven noise.
In contrast, the chemical potential of the IFG exhibits a nonmonotonic behavior: which starts rising quadratically with T above the Fermi energy instead of decreasing from it and returns to its usual monotonic decreasing behavior at temperatures that can be as large as twice the Fermi temperature (see Figure 1; see also Figure 1 in [60]).
All those indicate that the relations between the threshold [R.sub.1] and pulse period T are quite complex, which depicts the threshold condition [R.sub.1] is nonmonotonic with respect to T.
This nonmonotonic behaviour of predictability is at odds with the results in [28] in which exponential or power law growth is conjectured to be typical for chaotic systems.
(5) The nonmonotonic change of economy-wide energy intensity could be investigated directly from the model economy, while [10] mainly focuses on the monotonic change of overall energy intensity and must combine different scenarios of energy price growth to work out the nonmonotonic change of overall energy intensity.
In Figures 3(b), 3(d), and 3(f), with a fixed crack width, the increasing fracture angle may lead to the amplitude increasing of transmitted energy of the A0 mode, but the change of the S0 amplitude is nonmonotonic. To quantitatively illustrate the mode conversion, we further investigate different models with crack and fracture angle variation.
LeCroy DSOs also feature the WaveScan search and analysis tool, which you can program to look for up to 20 criteria such as rise time, nonmonotonic edges, and runts in waveforms.