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not associated with soldiers or the military


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Kazakhstan's Foreign Minister Kairat Adrakhmanov on Wednesday repeatedly stressed the nonmilitary nature of the goods to be delivered through the route, which will run from Azerbaijan, across the Caspian Sea, to eastern Kazakhstan before entering Uzbekistan, which has railway links with northern Afghanistan.
One of the ways to bridge that gap is through "The Little CHAMPS" a children's book written by Jennifer Fink, Debbie Fink and Navy veteran Walter Blackwell the same year that outlines the emotional stress and withdrawal issues children of military families face compared to children of nonmilitary families.
Nonmilitary personnel are subject to civilian court trials in the United States but none have been indicted recently.
nonmilitary assistance programs have begun to produce some results, individual projects reach a relatively small number of beneficiaries, face implementation challenges, and may not be sustainable.
Another of the participants, former US Republican Congressman Arlen Erdahl, also called for nonmilitary responses to terrorism.
His case, Ex Parte Mulligan (1866), became precedent for the principle that nonmilitary defendants may not ordinarily be tried by military courts within the United States while the civil courts are open and functioning.
Last April, the Bush administration requested that Congress scale back funding for most nonmilitary science.
Tamil rebels have attacked nonmilitary targets in government-held parts of the Jaffna Peninsula in a clear attempt to displace local people and upset an Oct.
The text is concise and accurate throughout the volume, and the nonmilitary expert will find it a useful reference work.
Government subverted not only the economy of Costa Rica, but its tradition of neutrality and its commitment to a nonmilitary society, as well.
GAO was asked to review DOD's domestic missions, including (1) how DOD's military and nonmilitary missions differ; (2) how DOD's military and nonmilitary missions have changed since September 11, 2001; (3) how the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act affects DOD's nonmilitary missions; and (4) the extent to which DOD's organizations, plans, and forces are adequate for domestic military missions and the consequent sustainability of the current mission approach.
The real test of his commitment to this doctrine will be his passion for deploying nonmilitary means for the cause of liberty in places such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.
If Congress fully funds the Millennium Challenge Account, it will amount to a 50 percent increase in nonmilitary foreign aid from the United States.