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Synonyms for nonmetal

a chemical element lacking typical metallic properties

not containing or resembling or characteristic of a metal


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The type and number of Photons creating each of the Higgs Boson predetermines the properties of an Element as Wave or Nonmetal, Particle or Metal, Wavicle or Metalloid or various combinations of these three.
Carbon is the nonmetal with the highest melting point.
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) presents Hand-Held Metal Detectors for Use in Concealed Weapon and Contraband Detection, which establishes performance requirements and testing methods for active hand-held metal detectors used to find metal weapons or metal contraband carried on a person or concealed by a nonmetal object.
Although it does not detect nonmetal material, SecureScan recognizes different types of metals in common items and in weapons such as guns and knives.
The nation's metal and nonmetal sector set a historic low with 30 fatalities in 2001, compared with 47 in 2000.
Made of black or white plastic, the Low Profile Reader (2001 or 2001W) can be flush or surface mounted, bracketed, or concealed behind glass, plaster, or other nonmetal surfaces.
Roof and wall panels will continue to penetrate nonmetal building markets, both in new installations (especially standing-seam metal roof panels) and in retrofit applications.
Nonmetallic Overlays - This category consists of the nonpaint and nonmetal coatings principally made up of porcelain and similar materials, such as the porcelain glaze on white plumbing.
Peel a thin strip from center of each potato, then evenly arrange potatoes around perimeter of a rimmed nonmetal platter.
This is the ninth fatality reported in calendar year 2018 in metal and nonmetal mining.
During the previous comment period, which closed November 30, 2016, MSHA received requests from stakeholders for MSHA and NIOSH to convene a Diesel Exhaust Health Effects Partnership with the mining industry, including coal and metal and nonmetal mines, diesel engine manufacturers, and representatives of organized labor.
* National District Council Safety Competition for Surface Metal/ Nonmetal (Group II): Kansas Sunflower Safety District Council.
The plastic caps are offered with a plastic lanyard for applications that require a nonmetal cap.
The diamond-coated mills are designed for machining graphite, ceramics and other nonmetal materials that produce dust or particles when cut.