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Synonyms for nonmechanical

not mechanical


(of a person) lacking mechanical skills


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([section]) Includes mechanical or nonmechanical (i.e., bilevel positive airway pressure) ventilation.
These antennas utilize printed CNT thin film transistors and multilayer interconnects to generate a fully packaged system that allows nonmechanical beam steering with an 8.2 dB insertion loss and 11.2 mW power consumption operating at 5 GHz.
Moreover, it is not entirely clear if the above nonmechanical factors, CAV amounts, and their differences affect the CCV system.
This is a rather strange clock, a nonmechanical symbolic clock, a bit of sincere theatrics, that is an expression of the scientific community's estimation of global precarity in the present.
Natural ventilation is defined as the transport of fresh air to conditioned spaces through nonmechanical means.
(4.) Ernst Mayr, for instance, accused him of invoking 'nonmechanical forces that were not acceptable to most biologists' (2004: 25).
Of course, there's other ways to cognize as well, genuine nonmechanical knowledge of ourselves and our environments.
Interestingly, ileostomy mitigated the postoperative FI (62.5% preoperatively versus 23.08% postoperatively, p = 0.013) and reduced the dilation of the large bowel and recurrence of nonmechanical obstruction significantly.
Frost, "The mechanostat: a proposed pathogenic mechanism of osteoporoses and the bone mass effects of mechanical and nonmechanical agents," Bone and Mineral, vol.
Emerging evidence also indicates that K8 protects cells from nonmechanical injury by cellular survival kinases and cell cycle progression [74].
Obesity increases the risk of developing OA in both weight-bearing joints (especially the knee) and non-weight-bearing joints (the hand) [15], indicating that obesity-related mechanical and nonmechanical factors increase the risk of OA.
Barsoum, "Comparison of mechanical and nonmechanical failure rates associated with rotating hinged total knee arthroplasty in nontumor patients," The Journal of Arthroplasty, vol.
Among the businesses selected as qualifiers for the award are marine energy company Marine Power Systems (MPS), IT support company, language services supplier Wolfestone and VoiceBox, nonmechanical plant company HOS Hire and ICT training provider Swansea ITeC.
As users become accustomed to working with a nonmechanical filter media, many new and exciting applications are being developed."