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not consisting of matter

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The theory here is that there is no such thing as nonmaterial things.
The research group drove by Dr Nauman Zafar Butt, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering at SBASEE is examining a minimal effort process for silicon-based solar powered cells which utilize a generally looked into nonmaterial called graphene.
Ingold's work is marked by his rejection of a focus on the materiality of things, and by his insistence that things are in fluid becomings where the material things are enmeshed with the nonmaterial, including the wind that he argues is understood in some societies to be life.
We will retain the ability to gain information from the forward edge of the fight and this information will feed the development of our solutions in the various domains be that material, nonmaterial, data analytics or training.
Even if God knew everything, being nonmaterial, he couldn't feel anything.
Like biological networks, they are self-generating, but what they generate is mostly nonmaterial.
He proposes the third model in which nonmaterial information constrains the local thermodynamics to be in a non-equilibrium state of raised free energy.
As to nonmaterial benefits, modern economies transformed the work and careers of millions through self-actualization, employee engagement, self-expression, self-discovery, the freedom to act, and personal attainment.
If you are looking to give a present that truly means something and that will keep its value for years to come, you are better off looking for nonmaterial gifts to give than for something your gift recipients could get themselves at the local big box store.
question is yes and the answer to the last question is no, then you are in deep trouble, writes Pink, as mere survival today depends on being able to do something which knowledge workers elsewhere cannot do cheaper, that powerful computers can't do faster and that satisfies one of the nonmaterial, transcendent desires of an abundant age -- all of which require help from the right brain.
It is now climbing back up as companies race to protect their positions, capitalise on their nonmaterial 'intangible' assets and take advantage of attractive tax breaks.
One such tension is the awareness that though interconnected social networks and the sort of extended subjectivity they imply can help promote social transformation, they also form the basis for the production and consumption of capitalism's new nonmaterial goods.
To the structure of the latter belong bot--material services, and nonmaterial services.
Among this year's projects, the USD, researchers and university scientists plan to explore the ecological risks associated with the release of tiny particles called nonmaterial into the environment.
However, social capital research is often preoccupied with the question of harnessing the nonmaterial resources that social capital contributes to economic well-being and economic development.