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not required by rule or law

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In the questionnaires, all-day schools were further categorized into nonmandatory, partially mandatory, and fully mandatory all-day schools.
He added that nonmandatory, nonpayment APIs might be the best bet for banks.
As lectures are nonmandatory at the University of Ottawa, thus not all of the 154 second-year medical students would have been present to view the podcast, affecting the response rate.
This great tension has dictated the possible methods of determining who is a class member in a nonmandatory class.
Recommended elements are nonmandatory and are defined as clinically important and recommended as good practice, which should ideally be included in the report but which are not yet validated or regularly used in patient management.
Studies show that courts have largely continued to sentence defendants within the prescribed Guidelines ranges, despite their nonmandatory nature.
Location, dwelling and house type, and number of levels are mandatory matching criteria, while the remaining characteristics form nonmandatory matching criteria.
Antienteric infection vaccine inoculation of animals and poultry has become nonmandatory, and it is not provided for in the plan of animal epidemic countermeasures of the Committee for Veterinary of Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Reasons for poor reporting of ADR by clinician and interns are shown in Table 3; 50% of interns perceived that patients overload was the important reason for underreporting of ADR, whereas 20.59% and 14.70% of them gave reasons as nonmandatory of reporting ADR and undeveloped reporting culture, respectively.
Molecular surveillance was organized and is still active as a voluntary, nonmandatory surveillance.
Players routinely have nonmandatory practices in the evening, along with similarly nonmandatory film-watching sessions thereafter.
Unlike the mainland's compulsory political education, Hong Kong's civic education guidelines are nonmandatory and students' patriotic and nationalistic sentiments were weak (Fairbrother, 2003).
From an institutional view, CSR, as an intentional, improvised and nonmandatory set of practices, is a fragment of corporate undertakings at the boundary of business and society.