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not required by rule or law

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These nonmandatory reports come from a variety of sources.
Third and finally, we hypothesized that preservice teachers required to use WebCT make greater use of nonmandatory WebCT course material compared to those whose WebCT use is optional, thereby providing a behavioral index of their attitude change.
When voucher-accepting schools are either forbidden from charging copayments or are penalized for doing so by a reduction in the voucher amount, this has an effect on the likelihood that private schools will choose to participate in a nonmandatory voucher program.
In Henderson, the SPCMCA referred an allegation of willfully hazarding a vessel in violation of Article 110(a), UCMJ, (24) a nonmandatory capital offense.
Unless authorized by the officer exercising general court-martial jurisdiction, or by regulation by the Secretary concerned, an officer exercising special court-martial jurisdiction does not have authority to refer a nonmandatory capital charge to trial.
The authors also call into question the continued usefulness of the Act's distinction between mandatory and nonmandatory subjects of bargaining--as well as the arguably artificial limits placed on employee participation by section 8(a)(3) of the statute, which raises doubts about the lawfulness of employee workplace committees.
A nonmandatory appendix provides test methods and procedures for use by manufacturers and employers to ensure that the systems are strong enough to provide fall protection but will not inure the user with their stopping force.
The subtopics of each module are still provided as nonmandatory guides in the Guide Note (GN-1) of the criteria.
The standard--a nonmandatory supplement to ASME B31.
In a nonmandatory state, it's like anything goes," Smith said.
handed in a request for a two-year nonmandatory accord with management not to fire workers or encourage them to give up their jobs in exchange for incentive allowances.
The authors provide a number of nonmandatory approaches that have worked in other states such as: seed money, technical assistance, public reports of local indicators, and recognition awards for local governments with good performance.
By entering all available nonmandatory data, particularly vehicle information, officers can help make the NCIC record even more useful in locating wanted persons.
An easy to read informative book that highlights the nonmandatory guidance and statutory requirements governing the preparation of interim financial reports.