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not endowed with life

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Living Things and Nonliving Things" is a creatively photo-illustrated Compare and Contrast book that challenges young readers to develop criteria for distinguishing living from nonliving things.
ecosystem--all the living and nonliving things that interact with one another in a particular place
Valte reported that Sands discussed China's interference with the Philippines' exercise of sovereign rights under Unclos with respect to living and nonliving resources in [its] EEZ.
Material engineers at MIT are now creating hybrid materials that combine the properties of living and nonliving things.
These living materials, created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, can combine the advantages of live cells with those of nonliving materials.
Most 4th graders are hard-pressed to construct robust understandings of living and nonliving when they are working only with black-and-white information in a textbook.
The goals of this activity are to force students to (1) articulate what differentiates living from nonliving entities, (2) test their definition against a variety of examples that may challenge their ideas, (3) identify which characteristics are necessary and sufficient to define life, (4) appreciate the complexities of establishing a definition of life, (5) evaluate their definition against the ones suggested by specialists, and (6) consider whether living and nonliving should be considered discrete categories.
mycoides genome--a technical tour de force that involved making new copies of the mycoides genome out of nonliving raw materials that can be ordered from chemical supply houses.
As a youngster, Oscar caught a virus (tiny nonliving particle that invades and reproduces in a living cell) that causes a condition called beak-and-feather disease.
Like many concepts, the living and nonliving things concepts take form and gain new meanings as children develop, learn and their interaction with their surroundings increases.
Focusing on nonliving organ donation, a group of organ donation professionals, policy makers, and researchers from the US working in medicine, communication, psychology, patient counseling, political science, social sciences, and community health discuss aspects such as the importance of theory, working with unique and difficult to reach populations, the impact of interventions, motivating individuals to become advocates, and the use of quasi-experimental designs.
Seemingly, the device will be similar to Dr McCoy's tricorder in Star Trek, which is used to scan living or nonliving matter to determine its molecular make-up.
1 : a science that deals with the location of living and nonliving things on earth and the way they affect one another
Physical science has successfully developed paradigms to study nonliving "dust.