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not endowed with life

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There really is a difference between the living and the nonliving.
The goals of this activity are to force students to (1) articulate what differentiates living from nonliving entities, (2) test their definition against a variety of examples that may challenge their ideas, (3) identify which characteristics are necessary and sufficient to define life, (4) appreciate the complexities of establishing a definition of life, (5) evaluate their definition against the ones suggested by specialists, and (6) consider whether living and nonliving should be considered discrete categories.
So making a fully synthetic cell would be creating genuinely new forms of life from wholly nonliving materials.
Physical science has successfully developed paradigms to study nonliving "dust.
Plant performance can be stressed by three quite different agents - insects, diseases or nonliving factors.
They learned about resources and other factors, both living and nonliving, that promote and limit growth of populations in an ecosystem.
Hoyle depicted the presumed origin of life from nonliving matter on the primordial Earth as being as implausible as the assembly of a functional jetliner by a tornado whirling through a junkyard.
Instead, we see the living through the eyes of the nonliving.
Only about 15 percent of kidney transplants are done with living donors, the other recipients must wait about five years before receiving a kidney from a nonliving donor.
Crick had studied physics earlier in his career but in his last decades he switched to neuroscience and was widely quoted regarding his nontheistic examinations into the border between living and nonliving.
Nanobiotechnology refers to the merging of the living and nonliving realms to make hybrid materials and organisms--to integrate biological building blocks with synthetic materials and devices.
Although they possess some of the properties of living systems such as having a genome, they are actually nonliving infectious entities and should not be considered microorganisms.
In The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973) Fromm castigated a necrophiliac society narcissistically in love with everything nonliving and machinelike.
The intended recipient exchange program yields additional donor sources for patients awaiting nonliving donor organs.
Aquatic Cellulose specializes in the commercial recovery and processing of this nonliving resource to offer high-quality wood products that protect living forests and the environment.