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(used of the meanings of words or text) not literal


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In other words, it means seeing the human body and its parts in the mental terms they nonliterally exemplify (in either a secondary or a metaphorical sense).
Is it irrelevant, in this regard, that in the United States (and many other nations as well), there seems to be a consensus in favor of interpreting statutes nonliterally in the case of obvious drafting errors?
Conversational implicature accounts for an enormous range of information communicated indirectly or nonliterally, including irony, exaggeration, metaphor, even tactful understatement.
Although numerous exegetes warn us that John does not intend this to be taken literally, there appears no other way unless we are also to take the other seemingly less harsh statements nonliterally also.(23) Raymond Brown and others are surely correct in stating that here for the first time we have the real antagonist of Jesus: the devil.
256), and the traditional view that biblical assertions about physical reality are to be interpreted nonliterally only if there is a demonstrably true scientific theory claiming the contrary (p.
Here, we take a part of the text nonliterally - what the words and sentences mean is something we refuse to count as part of the story - because it's unlikely, given the rest of the text, that such a story event would have been intended for inclusion.
A metaphorical expression was identified as a nonliteral description of Burr if the description had to be understood and interpreted nonliterally. For example, "Burr gave birth to People Express" is a metaphor because, interpreted literally, Burr has to be a female and People Express has to be a baby.