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not consisting of or related to language

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During Week 3, we wished to lead the students to reflect critically on their process of composing from writing print-based narratives to selecting and orchestrating both linguistic and nonlinguistic modes for a digital story so that they could transform or expand their conception of writing.
Here he develops the argument that music, while clearly a sensory experience, achieves nonlinguistic meaning through the interaction between the formal elements of musical sound and its cultural context.
The book, in the Critical Bodies series, has the task, as have the others in this series, of creating a place where both linguistic and nonlinguistic sense and sensibilities can be articulated around the ways in which organizations and institutions and, indeed, we ourselves, rethink our bodies and the ways in which we can critique such organizations through our own bodies.
If, on the one hand, the negativity of language is predicated on a conventional understanding of language as that which represents and speaks the non-linguistic, the potentiality of language is predicated on the hypothesis of a world in which the difference between language and the nonlinguistic becomes indeterminate.
In an endeavor to press us to rethink the ways in which we experience Shakespeare, Buchanan presents engaging, in-depth and lively analyses of the nonlinguistic dimensions of Shakespeare films of the silent era.
These elements or communication modes are a) critical argument, b) greeting which includes preliminaries to discussion and nonlinguistic gestures, c) rhetoric that entails using figures of speech to attract and maintain the audience's attention, and d) storytelling in the form of narratives that make people understand the experiences and situation of others different from them.
This is punctuated by a nonlinguistic acuity of what is conveyed by the concrete image the repetition of the word creates.
48) In Clare's use of onomatopoeic diction and imitative sound patterns, he attempts not only to represent but actually to capture those "sensed features of the world," to render in poetic language the nonlinguistic "sweet sounds" of nature's music.
This implies that in oral assessment the student has to face linguistic and nonlinguistic problems.
Therefore, recognizing the fact that claims about our conceptual system which are based on linguistic analyses alone remain within the "language--thought language" circle, the article discusses also some kinds of nonlinguistic evidence for conceptual metaphors.
The text is often nonlinguistic, meaning that proper sentence structure, grammar or spelling is usually not present.
As so, this social product of linguistic and nonlinguistic choices "[.
This is especially true when looking at nonlinguistic representation and generating and testing hypothesis.
The third part consists of a quantitative analysis, which compares the frequency of the discourse marker and its various functions in native and non-native speech, and investigates the influence of certain linguistic and nonlinguistic factors on the distribution of the discourse marker and its functions.