nonlinear system

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a system whose performance cannot be described by equations of the first degree

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Fuzzy model has provided a way to approximate nonlinear system so that some linear system methods can be used for the analysis of nonlinear systems [2-4].
Abstract: The application of Hammerstein and Wiener models in controling of nonlinear systems is described in this paper.
A new chapter on frequency domain techniques to model and identify nonlinear systems from measured input/output random data
Dixon, "RISE-based adaptive control of an uncertain nonlinear system with unknown state delays," in Proceedings of the 49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC '10), pp.
In (Shumsky & Zhirabok, 2009) a solution to the accommodation problem in nonlinear systems has been obtained on the basis of algebra of functions and differential geometry.
Adaptive neural controller is developed for a class of nonaffine nonlinear system with external disturbance in Section 3.
He describes several nonlinear system identification methods, but focuses particularly on nonlinear autoregressive moving average model with exogenous inputs (NARMAX) methods.
On the first step, replace the initial nonlinear system by linear system described by the following equations:
and "Defect Detection and Localization of Nonlinear System Based on Particle Filter with an Adaptive Parametric Model" by J.
Written for researchers in broad areas of systems and control, such as nonlinear system identification, adaptive control, neural networks control, and temporal pattern recognition, this text by Wang (South China U.
Nonlinear system is a set of elements of system, in which at least one of the elements is nonlinear.
There is an axiom in engineering which says that no matter what linear system you build to do a job, there's a nonlinear system which works better," Optican says.
By skillfully combining Lyapunov function, sign function, backstepping, and FTISS approaches and overcoming some obstacles emerging in design and analysis owing to the relaxed condition on nonlinear functions, an adaptive state feedback controller is designed to guarantee high-order nonlinear system (2) is globally finite-time stable.
1](z)q(z) [member of] K (z; [delta]), such that dy = F (z)du, is said to be a generalized transfer function (2) of the nonlinear system (1).
Then the state-dependent Riccati equation was presented for an affine nonlinear system and finite horizon quadratic performance index.
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