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refraining from making judgments especially ones based on personal opinions or standards


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In the remainder of this article, I will explore two fundamental dimensions of mindfulness--in-the-moment awareness and nonjudgemental acceptance--and discuss their relevance for the professional development and wellbeing of novice teachers.
Invest in a nurturing, nonjudgemental support service.
"Bringing them up, I've tried to keep things as honest and real as possible, to be consistent and nonjudgemental, and not bring them up in any grandiose type of way."
He will also be told about London Ambulance Service's special network of staff volunteers for helping colleagues, called LINC - Listening, Informal, Nonjudgemental, Confidential.
This nonjudgemental debrief was the most "invaluable" aspect of the training, she said.
Critical to all these healthcare worker-initiated strategies is an environment in which young people feel comfortable: a nonjudgemental, non-stigmatising, confidential service.
Many of these occupations enjoy trusted relationships with the public and have golden opportunities to reinforce and support conversations about lifestyle health issues in a sensitive and nonjudgemental fashion.
Like existential-phenomenological therapists, ACT therapists are nonjudgemental, they focus on the immediate processes in the therapeutic interaction, and they model an accepting stance to what is present (Bunting and Hayes, 2008; Spinelli, 2014).
First, an effective counsellor has, according to the ILEP guide, 'a combination of attitudes and personal qualities, skills, and knowledge of the health condition, the cultural/ social context, and good ethics.' (11) Attitudes and personal qualities include empathy, nonjudgemental, respect, intent to empower and self-awareness.
At all times, the presenters adopted a nonjudgemental and encouraging approach and the students' continuing responses to questions was an indication of their confidence to contribute to discussions.
"We take a nonjudgemental, warts-andall look at Ireland today - the good, the bad, the beautiful and at times the uncomfortable.
Her style has been described as "nonjudgemental" (Beran 1998: 227) and "unsparing" (Duffy 1998: 182).
"With people, it augmented my preliminary tendencies to be nonjudgemental and to be objective about everything."
A more recent addition to this list of interventions is mindfulness-based therapy (MBT), a form of psychotherapeutic treatment which uses meditation practices to assist patients in the cultivation of nonjudgemental awareness of the present moment.