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not converted into ions

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In contrast, the lower media pH will prevent the dissolution of the shell via a shielding effect, as the nonionized carboxylic acid group becomes more hydrophobic.
The efficient reactivity of nonionized 2 (i.e., 2H) towards the formation of PAn is primarily due to intramolecular carboxylic group--assisted cleavage of 2H [15].
Toxic chloramines (NH2Cl) can be produced in water by the reaction between nonionized ammonia and hypochlorous acid (N[H.sub.3] + HClO [right arrow] N[H.sub.2]Cl + [H.sub.2]O).
** p < 0.01 *** p < 0.001 In regard to the mechanism of VPA absorption, owing to its small molecular weight (144.2) and the moderate log P (2.7), VPA might be absorbed as nonionized form by either paracellular penetration or passive diffusion (Cato et al.
(3-5) As LA is supplied as hydrochloride, and it must be nonionized to enter the nerve endings, it may be buffered with 8.4% sodium bicarbonate (Table 1).
Some nonionized aniline oligomers got attached to the fibers to form granular aggregate.
Adding select organic acids, such as L-lactic acid, to the fatty acid emulsifications may increase the proportion of nonionized fatty acids over ionized species, thereby promoting greater fatty acid penetration through cell membranes.
Thus, a proton is a magnetic monopole analogue of a nonionized atom.
The nonionized drug species are more lipophilic and thus, more favorably absorbed by the plastic [19-22].
The value of pharmacotherapy can be better understood if one considers that, under physiological conditions (pH = 7.3-7.5), nearly one third of nicotine is nonionized and readily crosses cell membranes.
In fact, this is the highest log BCF (log BCF[.sub.max]) that could be reached for a given log [K.sub.ow] value, assuming that small-sized, nonionized molecules exhibit maximal bioavailability and are not metabolized (Dimitrov et al.
Nonionized basic drugs in blood diffuse into sweat and become ionized, leading to ion trapping in sweat because of its lower pH (3).
The thermodynamic solubility of the nonionized form of the samples was determined by the Chasing Equilibrium Solubility (CheqSol) method [24].
According to the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation, alkalinisation of the solution with bicarbonate causes an increase in the nonionized form of both lidocaine and mepivacaine.