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not intellectual

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Mueller's (2009) findings indicated differences in the predictors of depressive symptoms among intellectually gifted and nonintellectually gifted participants.
The empirical evidence suggests that intellectually gifted groups exhibit superior social/emotional functioning compared to nonintellectually gifted children in terms of significantly lower levels of anxiety (Czeschlik & Rost, 1994; Feldhusen & Klausmeier, 1962; Guignard et al., 2012; Kramer, 1987; Milgram & Milgram, 1976; Rost & Czeschlik, 1994).
Evidence from the other two studies indicates that intellectual giftedness may also be associated with distinct risk processes, such as the interplay between perfectionism and anxiety in gifted children, compared to their nonintellectually gifted peers (Guignard et al., 2012).