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* Appointment wait time at a specific VA medical facility: 20 days for primary care, mental health care and noninstitutional extended care services, unless the veteran agrees to a later date in consultation with his or her VA health care provider; 28 days for specialty care from the date of request, unless the veteran agrees to a later date in consultation with his or her VA health care provider.
Three housing patterns were identified in the year before baseline: (1) unstable housing; (2) increasing housing instability; and (3) noninstitutional stay (Appendix SA3).
Second, this study examines two different forms of political participation: institutional political participation (e.g., voting) and noninstitutional political participation (e.g., protest participation).
Share of the civilian noninstitutional population, by veteran status and educational attainment, annual average, 2016 (percent) Veterans Nonveterans (percent) (percent) High school graduate, no college 29.4 29.1 Some college, no degree 22.8 18.6 Associate's degree 12.5 9.4 Bachelor's degree 18.6 19.9 Master's degree 8.9 8.3 Professional or doctoral degree 3.0 2.9 Source: U.S.
Annual growth rates in population and labor force, 2002-12 and projected 2012-22, in percent Category Annual growth rate 2002-12 Projected 2012-22 Civilian noninstitutional 1.15% 0.9% population, 16 years and older Labor force 0.7 0.5 Population and labor force, 2002, 2012, and projected 2022, in millions of people 2002 2012 Projected 2022 Civilian noninstitutional population, 16 years and older 218 243 265 Labor force 145 155 163 This chart shows the sizes of the population and the labor force in 2002 and 2012 and their projected sizes in 2022.
Calkins reminds us that the design and its elements should be noninstitutional. But we all know that "noninstitutional" isn't really a recipe for good design.
NSDUH collects information from residents of households and noninstitutional group quarters (e.g., shelters, rooming houses, dormitories) and from civilians living on military bases.
Census Bureau, is designed to represent the entire United States civilian noninstitutional population.
A key project challenge was to design safe, suicide-preventive interiors while creating a noninstitutional, supportive environment.
The updated model addresses a bedeviling problem with discontinuities in the official estimates of the labor force and the civilian noninstitutional population.
Lourdes Arizpe of Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) on the project Intangible Heritage in Mexico exploited the photographer's methodology in service of documenting noninstitutional culture.
Cadere used to set them down unnoticed at gallery openings or in noninstitutional settings as an artistic gesture.
(4) That is partly because these newer media outlets are noninstitutional; they cover stories differently than do traditional media outlets.
All these developments indicate that popular culture has become decentered, anarchic, independent, and democratic, with the help of immigrants such as Asian Americans, whose technological advancement disputed in a more anarchic and noninstitutional way the new white xenophobia expressed, for example, by the 1980s and 1990s science fiction movies of alien invasions.
The material is organized into sections covering overviews of theoretical contributions by Hispanists and empirical studies in relation to the nine varieties of Spanish; new empirical studies from within institutional contexts and noninstitutional contexts; Fant's theoretical proposals for the examination of rapport and identity management; salient trends in the study of politeness; and directions for future research.