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The diverse range of animals who inhabit urban habitats face steady eviction from spaces that are increasingly privatised, ghettoised, developed, or otherwise removed from nonhuman access.
Science may indeed have brought us closer to understanding the telos of the nonhuman other.
The difference is that whereas men (and some women, such as Emily Dickinson) generally regarded the nonhuman world as 'a means to individual self-development' or 'an object for contemplating the sublime', women and traditional Native Americans generally perceived the nonhuman world 'within a complex frame of embodied social experiences' and communicated these perceptions using devices of 'literary emotional intelligence' to enlist readers' engagement and 'promote social change' (pp.
Feder argues that a "fantasy of detachment" that depersonalizes human others and nonhuman animals underlies Western notions of the human, culture, and society and allows us to avoid or forgo extending "fellow-feeling" to certain other beings.
One of Potts, Armstrong and Brown's most crucial concerns in A New Zealand Book of Beasts lies in how we might engage the agencies, interests, and subjectivities of nonhuman animals.
It is not explicit if people must do so because the law acknowledges the intrinsic value of nonhuman species.
Most imported nonhuman primates are bred for research and undergo standard screening and conditioning before shipment, which substantially reduce importation-associated health risks (4).
For the first time, researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, in partnership with Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, have protected nonhuman primates against Marburg virus Angola hemorrhagic fever.
In short, the EcoGothic examines the construction of the Gothic body--unhuman, nonhuman, transhuman, posthuman, or hybrid--through a more inclusive lens, asking how it can be more meaningfully understood as a site of articulation for environmental and species identity.
Not all scholars who study the human body or the meaning of nonhuman animals in literature and the other arts would identify themselves as "ecocritics" per se.
Nonhuman Rights Project is applying to a court in New York for chimpanzees to receive legal status.
Even if there is no denying that, biologically speaking, we came from the beasts, human mental and communicative capacities as we now know them cannot be illuminated by seeing them as descendant from nonhuman ancestors.
The new molecular imaging center, located at MPI Research in in Mattawan, MI, will provide access to the first commercially 'available cyclotron facility adjoined with vivarium facilities housing species ranging from mice to nonhuman primates.
Several authors in the volume, including Diehm in the first essay, address the extent to which Levinas' anthropocentrismstands as a problem for relating his work to nonhuman ethical concerns.
htm) a bill was introduced in September 2012 that would ban private possession of nonhuman primates.